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WK8 R3 - Parkrun


As you know I should have been running today in the Bushy Park 5km but sadly on Thursday during WK8 R2 I pulled my right hamstring. I had hoped there may be some improvement but alas it is worse today and my right calf is also solid.

Now I don't know about injuries so rest is all I can do. However whilst resting my goal that was so close is drifting further and further away. I am devastated I have achieved nothing in life until I started this and lost including today 17KG.

My motivation has gone out of the window with worry. Will I have to go back to building up again, what about my weight loss programme, how can I lose weight if I don't exercise and only reduce my intake, what about those in France who were going to run with me on Friday next week and Sunday morning after the party the night before? What about my WK9? It all seems so far away and snatched from me by a hamstring!

I don't like change but the support and advice I was getting said I must do more strength exercise. The routine changed and I introduced the gym and cycling (other than to and from the pub) and bang gone. I did not need the gym I was doing ok without it.


Keep on running.....

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The dreaded injury is so frustrating, so I can understand how you feel. But this is just a blip, a pause in your progress. It won't stop you reaching your goals, just puts a bit of a delay in there.

In terms of the hamstring I don't know the details, but rest, not going back too soon as that risks making it worse, and maybe seeing your GP or a physio. Others may know more about the details of what to do.

The main thing is to rememeebr that C25K is one part physical and 2 parts mental. This is another mental challenge you need to rise to, not the end of the road.

Hope you recover soon and look forward to seeing your graduation post.

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Good morning.

I'm soo sorry to read your post this morning. I could just give you a big hug.

This is probably going to mean nothing to you right now but there's a saying that I try to live by.


Maybe it's not quite your time to shine right now and hence the delay. Better to be delayed than something worse happen that could totally end the programme.

I'm not a expert, in fact I'm only due to do my week 1 run 2 today but my advice would be to rest. See tour Dr if need be & don't give up.

Some of the greatest people out there, failed or were set back many times before they succeeded.

Wish you a quick recovery and keep your head up!

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Hi. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ค This is a set back but it's not the end. I ran the Bushy Park Run (for the first time) on the 19th August (3 Days after Graduating) and hurt my knee. I have only managed 2 runs since and both of them hurt my knee more. I was devastated and feeling very down. I decided to keep mobile and so have been enjoying walks instead of runs and a bit of swimming. It isn't what I want to be doing but know one day, hopefully soon, I will be able to get back to it. My knee injury was a displaced Fibular ๐Ÿ˜ฑ - hurt like crazy. Chiropractor has adjusted it and my foot, ankle and pelvis - so it's beginning to settle and I'm hopeful that it won't take too long before I can get out and build up again. I know you are very disappointed but Bushy Park Run will be there when your injuries are better. Maybe I'll see you there when we are both off the IC. Chin up - keep focused, and try to keep moving!


So now you can call yourself a real runner.......for all the wrong reasons.

As previously stated, I would hesitate to give specific advice about your injury and suggest that you consult either your GP or a sports physio.

The frustration is something that any of us who have been injured can identify with and you have our sympathy, but in a few weeks, or months at worst, you will be over this and have built up to and beyond where you were when the injury happened.

Patience is crucial, but you will be back, so keep posting from the IC and we will keep you on target.


Ouch... roll out that calf.... really roll it out :) Strength and stamina exercises are essential, especially as the runs get longer...

You need to heal properly from this... otherwise you are going to be on the IC for a long time:)

As IannodaTruffe says... you really need to get some advice. probably best from a Sports Physio..it was a Physio, who sorted my calf muscle tear out :)

There are exercises out there..but you need to know what is going on... and.. the runs will still be there:)

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Hi tfcmagpie,

in your first post you doubted you could go from 60 to 90 seconds. I bet that feels like a long time ago, and one day this setback will feel like a long time ago too.

I am not familiar with hamstring injuries but on my very first run I hurt my knee. After reading around a bit, I was able to help it a lot by using a foam roller (to release the IT band at the top of my leg). I was very sceptical (that's not even near the knee!!!) but maybe these online physios do know a thing or two, it seemed to work.

Best of luck, don't give up, 17 kg is amazing. X

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