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W5R2 tick! Advice for R3?

I've just got back home after run 2 of week 5. It was hard, but I managed it. Definitely needed more mental determination than physical effort at times! My run today was straight from school after dropping my daughter off, and for some reason I felt the need to pretend I'm a proper runner, so started running straight away - lapsing into a walk as soon as I turned the corner and was out of sight - what was that all about??!

I do feel very worried about the next run - I don't know whether to do a couple of repeats of run 2, or just go for it. What did others do? I'm finding the hardest part is the starting and stopping, so I know that in theory 20 mins should be OK. Advice please!

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I agree with you skipkins stopping and starting is hard - but if you can do this you can get in to a rhythm and do longer bursts!

Personally I did W5 straight through, despite the feeling that I wasn't ready to move one. But then again I've felt this way every week from W1 to W8. BUT looking back I see I was more than able!

Go for it - week 6 is just around the corner!

Good luck.


Just keep going skipkins; your body has been prepared for this by Laura gently over the last 14 runs and though it seems daunting it can be done. You just need to keep those mental gremlins at bay by telling yourself you can do it and believe me, when you do, you will feel on such a high!!

For me the first 10 mins are always the hardest and someone mentioned here that it was called the Toxic Ten but once through that I am usually ok.

Believe in the programme and yourself and go for it! Best of luck! Sue


Week 5 run 3 is nothing much more than you've done already. Think of it as two lots of 8 minutes running, with 4 minutes running in between. You can do that :-)


I just did w5r1, so I'm one run behind you. I look forward to seeing your blog to inspire me on. I'm having sleepless nights over it!! Best of luck though, I'm sure you will make it )just not sure I will!)


The best thing I did in W5 was to make a 20 minute playlist of my own music and leave Laura at home. You can listen to her the day before or something to get her tips, and then after every song remember to think about her. The time just flashes by! :-D

Go for it, you can do it - and so can you rfawag! :-)


Great advice - I think the TERRIBLE music this week made today seem even harder - will give that a go!


This one is a mental hurdle- I failed my first shot but what got me past it was believing I could. I reasoned if I can walk briskly for an hour - I can jog veeery slowly for 20 mins. And do you know - I could!


You can do it, just look ahead and keep running, don't start to fast and you will be fine. Don't focus on the time you are running but set yourself small targets such as to get to the end of the road by the end of the song, that's what I did and somehow I did it!!Good Luck


I agree that its definitely a mental challenge. Believe in the programme, you will be able to do it!


It is really just more of the same. If in doubt go a bit slower its the duration not the speed that matters.

The program has set up for it much better than you would expect and as you rightly aready said it is mental effort more than physical! No really! Well there is some physical effort as well but you know what I mean :-)

The anticipation is worse than the event I found (though it was a while ago now ...... :-( )


Keep Running!!! Keep Going!!!! Why repeat a run that you have already done? I know that it can help build confidence, but you know you can do it!! Believe in the program and more importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!

You can do this...YOU ARE DOING THIS!!! :-) As others have mentioned W5R3 tends to be much more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Your body is ready!! Slow and steady and you will do brilliantly!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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