Wk8 R3!

Gutted!! Although it is completed, it was very difficult due to tightening in both calves, which got worse as run went on but eased on walking. I’m also gutted that due to this tightness, I’m using all my energy to get through 28 mins and have nothing spare, so will definitely not be able to graduate next week as I will not be able to go 30 mins. Not sure whether to run on Sunday, 4 days rest, or have a full week rest and try again. Any suggestions gratefully received x So so gutted!!


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11 Replies

  • Shame, feel for you. Hope you will feel better after a couple of days off.

  • Thank you x

  • Why gutted? Didn't you just run for 28 minutes? It might not have been easy (or pleasant!), but you did it. Top marks for grit and determination. I'd have 2 days off and move on. Are you doing stretches or rolling your calves on your days off?

  • Gutted as I know I can’t move forward with training , am stretching and rolling daily x

  • Stretch and roll, and then some more... and if you head out and they twinge again.. stop!

    If you check my past posts out, I was on the IC for 12 weeks after a calf issue... so.. please makes sure they feel fine !


    If there is any residual or recurring tightness or pain...then see a Sports Physio..Sorry this sounds all doom and gloom, but better safe than sorry!

  • Thank you for your advice Oldfloss, it’s only tightening when running but am worried as I really want to graduate. Am stretching and rolling daily but will increase for next few days. Due to work I can’t run now till Sunday which will be 4 days rest so fingers crossed

  • I know..but please be sensible :)

    No one is more by the book than me...belt braces etc etc... since I began this journey.. I could not understand how my calf injury had happened !

    I knew the third time, after resting and exercise etc, I went out and it twinged again ! Your calf will tell you.. just go with it.. do not run through pain..but if all feels well.. then slow and steady does it..:)

  • Thanks, have downloaded a variety of physio calf stretches and calf strengthening exercises to do during the week but will be sensible, thank you again, I really appreciate it x

  • Woah! Back up the bus! Why won’t you be able to graduate next week? Don’t write yourself off before you’ve tried! I don’t mean run through the pain (never a good idea) BUT you know you can do 28 minutes... there’s only one way you’ll find out if you can go for 30. Follow @OldFloss advice - she knows her onions!

  • Thanks but if I’m totally honest I’ve struggled with all the wk8 runs , and don’t feel able to increase another 2 mins just yet, I think I will forget running the rest of the week and try again next week x

  • You’ll get there, when you’re ready!

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