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Hi there,

I have just come across the couch 2 5k and I am keen to start! However I have done no or little exercise in the last few years and have recently started slimming world to shed a few pounds. My question is has anyone used c25k to aid weighloss or would I be better waiting until I have lost some more weight? In 3 weeks I have lost 12.5lbs.



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  • Wow congratulations on your weight loss. I think a lot of people do both. With C25K it will help and get you fitter enabling you to run for 30 minutes non-stop. It is a great programme. I combined it with 5:2 intermittent fasting and it helped me.

  • Thank you for replying. I'll get myself some trainers and start then! :-)

  • Hi Victoria, well done on taking the plunge. I too have more than a few pounds to lose and am currently doing weight watchers. I have been running for around 9 months and I am now finding it easier as the weight is coming off. My breathing is easier and I am able to run much further (now up to 12K), I'm getting faster (5k in 36 mins) but still slow in comparison to many people. My advice would be to follow the plan but don't get hung up progressing through the weeks. I found I had to repeat weeks on several occasions until the runs felt manageable and I felt confident to move on to the next week. Good luck and happy running!

  • Thanks. 5k in 36 minutes is great Id be happy to just run one at the moment :-)!!

    Thanks for the guidance its nice to know its not out of reach!

  • Congratulations, that's an impressive weight loss. Do be careful, though - I'm sure you know that after the initial few weeks, you should be aiming for a steady loss of 1 to 2 lbs per week.

    Yes, c25k will definitely help. And no, there's no need to wait. Carpe Diem, and all that jazz ;)

  • You're doing really well, and C25k should really help you get further!

    I've lost over 20kg with calorie control and C25k - in a year, so pretty steadily. My BMI was over 33, and now nearly at 25.

    In terms of minutes - the plan will get you there so Trust it!

  • Victoria, welcome!

    C25K on its own is not going to promote much in the way of weight loss. In the first few weeks, each run/walk is going to burn about 300 calories. You'll recognize that this is not many, about 2 slices of bread. Even in the last couple of weeks when you're running for 30 minutes, that might be just 700 calories. Obviously better than sitting on the couch, though.

    However, coupled with your calorie-controlled diet, you'll continue to lose weight. And the best part of C25K is that (even if you only lose a few lbs), you'll be more toned and trim. I guarantee that anyone who knows you and you meet will comment on your weight loss (even if you haven't lost weight). Your body will be trimmer, you'll have some muscle-definition in your legs & bum and some of the fat will have converted to muscle. Now is a great time to start: you'll have graduated by late Spring and feeling fantastic. Don't wait! Go now!! :-)

    We're all here to cheer you along your way: post often and feel free to ask any questions. This forum is the most positive place in the entire internet with some lovely, generous people. You'll get no end of motivation and inspiration.

  • Welcome

    Victoria your in the right place for some great advice, I started for the running and the weight loss is a bonus, as others have said get some good trainers and start NOW Good Luck and keep posting

  • I went from obese to overweight doing C25K and keeping an eye on the calories (and then down to healthy BMI by keeping up the running and the calorie control). In terms of calories burned, the programme isn't going to do much but it does have an impact on your metabolism (possibly more because of the 'interval' approach) so it really supports other weight loss efforts. You don't need to eat any more - Laura's comment about having a banana is not for you! Plus if you are more active you are already reducing your risks of ill health whether you lose weight or not.

  • wow that is really good on the weight loss :D i have lost weight from doing C25K and running,initially it was an added bonus but now i am more careful about my diet too :) and run 3 times a week

    So just go for it, you really wont regret it :D good luck

  • Congratulations on the weight loss. You will really fly now!! You mention getting some is running. Go to a dedicated running shop and get advice from experts and unfortunately I don't mean Sports Direct or the other discount sports chains. They sell some great stuff, butthe advice is generally of a very poor standard. You may blanch at the cost of running shoes, but in the long run you will consider them to be your best investment in your health.

    Good luck. You won't regret it.

  • Hi and welcome, Cannot add anymore sound advice than the above apart from this programme is easy (apart from week 5!!, but you will be ready by then) so enjoyable and supportive. Once you get into it the weightloss will come secondary - as it happens naturally. Good luck enjoy the journey, wear layers to take off and let us know how you get on x

  • Yes, I agree with Iannoda, get some proper shoes. They are well worth it. I found that running kills my appetite and when I do eat I don't want junk, I want proper food. Congrats on your weight loss, even if running won't make you lose more you will get nice toned legs and bum,!

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