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I'm following the slimming world plan and I'm into w4r2 on c25k, every week I'm putting on weight. Any ideas why please? So disheartening

I lost 3 stone 13.5lbs without much exercise but since I started to run my weight has been going up half a pound every week despite following slimming world to the letter. My consultant says the weight will start to come off again soon but I almost feel like giving up. Any wise words would be most welcome!

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Muscle is heavier than fat but you shouldn't be gaining half a pound a week. It's just one of those things that happens when you go through a change. Maybe your body is reacting to starting c25k and it will eventually get used to it and the weight will come off again. I gave up on slimming world when I started running because I don't want to be too obsessed with weight. I am looking trimmer every week even though the scales say I haven't lost any weight and it's all down to the toning effects of running. I would much rather work on how I feel about myself based on how I look rather than what the scales say.


Interesting. I've been dieting (calorie counting) and put a pound on since starting this 3 weeks ago. First gain in about six months. However, getting a better shape, so not going to worry about it. If we carry on it should all be fine.


First: Please don't give up!

It might just be your body getting use to the new exercise. I was also losing weight before starting running and continued while doing couch to 5k. The first few weeks of the programme I did not see any weight loss and actually went up a couple of lbs. I did not change anything and then over the next month or so my weight loss seemed to catch up. I thought at the time it was probably because my muscles were holding onto a bit of extra water as they repaired, but no idea if that is a scientific fact :) It might also have been fluctuation due to time of the month (I'm a woman). I've now lost another stone and a half while keeping up the running, so it all worked out in the end.

If you still keep on seeing a rise in weight over the next few weeks, then I would have a look at your diet to see if anything has changed that could explain it. Are you eating any extra to balance out the exercise? Have you started drinking any "exercise" drinks to rehydrate? Be careful not to overestimate the amount of extra calories you use in running, for me it is only about 250-300 kcal for a 30 min run (I'm 5'3 woman, around 145lb). That only works out at a banana plus a few nuts as a post-run snack.


Hi, what the others say above is all correct - you will be getting toned and you actually aren't burning as many calories as it may feel like you are!

I can definitely sympathise - I lost about 3 stone in 9 months at Slimming World before starting C25K. My weight loss had already slowed right down but I had another stone to go for target. When I started to run, I thought I'd lose that stone but no - it didn't happen. Actually it had no effect on weight loss at all (some weeks 1 pound on, or 1/2 pound off - I'm sure you know the feeling). After about 5 weeks I did start losing a little bit again - and eventually lost another 7 pounds to get my 3 1/2 stone sticker. At that point I was happy enough with new weight (and especially new firm shape), as was my doctor, and I decided to take a break from SW. I've actually never been back although I do still follow the plan pretty much (no syn counting but I know what to do by now). My weight has been pretty much stable since Easter (when many of us here did the 5x50 challenge) although my exercise has been up and down.

Yes, it's incredibly frustrating when you don't seem to be making progress - do you have a lot more weight to lose? If not maybe (like me) your target is a bit low. I think that with SW it's hard to go beneath your target - certainly all of our group seemed to lose a lot to start with and then level off.

Sorry that's a long reply but I hope it helps. Good luck with running and weight loss and it's all worth it - don't give up!

Ann x


I'm with slimming world too but have reached target. (not a particularly low target but at 55 I didn't want to lose too much so went for just under recommended BMI.) The first day I ran I put on a pound & a half - gutted. The weight started coming off more consistently about W6. I had to stop running just after graduation for almost 3 weeks(started back tonight). What I did find that it was harder to resist comfort eating whilst not running (missed the running high) & though I didn't put on any weight my trousers were tighter.Keep at your slimming world or diet for weight control but keep up the running for the fitness. Like Narmour, I don't want to be too hung up on weight loss & running distracts me in a good way & definitely helps with toning.


Hi! I was on weight watchers (began c25k a few weeks after starting) I had several weeks pf plateaus or small gains but lost cm's and had people commenting on it. I changed to 'my fitness pal' in July and have carried on losing consistently since (about 1lb a week) 2 1/2 stones still to go but down from size 22 to 16; & fitter & healthier than for years! Don't worry & don't give up! Measure yourself and be proud of your achievements :-)


Muscle weighs more than fat so you're converting your fat to muscle - gonna weigh more. But look fab! Every weightwatcher has the same problem when starting this - thinking it's great for weight loss, what it's great for is fitness and tone. Not quite the same things. After a while tho you're body gets used to the idea and the weight loss will continue. Just gotta hang in there!


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