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C25K ... starting for the third and last time!

I first did C25K in 2011, I was very unfit at the start but lost quite a bit of weight and found that I could run! This programme really works. I started doing 5km and 10km races but stopped running when fell pregnant and had a baby girl at the end of 2012.

In 2013 I did C25K for the second time. Once again I went from sitting on the sofa eating cake and being very unfit to successfully completing the programme and going on to run over 100 ParkRuns, several 10km races and getting up to half marathon distance. 

I stopped running at the end of last year and I'm now 6 weeks post c-section having had a baby boy. 

So today I start the programme for hopefully the last time (as this time I won't have anymore children and hope to keep on running indefinitely). Feeling a bit daunted at the thought of starting over but I know that it works and that I can do it. My biggest challenge will be finding the time with two children!

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Congratulations on your new baby and good luck - this time it will stick!  Now you need one of those buggies with racer wheels and you can push it and run at the same time, while your eldest is at nursery!


Welcome back - you know you can do it so don't worry - just take it nice and steady, a C-section is quite a major op!


Congrats on your new baby ☺ 

As you been here before you know what to expect and your confidence will return quicker 

Build backnup gradually and you will be just fine, good luck ☺


Good luck - but you already know you can do it!


Thanks everyone.

Well the first run went pretty well. I did the warm up and the 20 minute programme but followed it with a 6 minute solid run interval just because I felt I hadn't really done enough with the 8 x 60 second runs. I ended up doing 4km which is probably too much for week 1 run 1!! I feel a bit sore today though around my scar area so going to dial it back and stick to the programme rather than adding in extra running stints at the end.


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