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Week 8 run 1 and a half

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Well wasn't planning on a run tonight as wanted a couple of rest days after Monday's 28 min run. But me and my eldest decided to go out for a bit of fresh air and both having had a rubbish day. Plus I wanted to have a little run to improve my running style without watching the clock (as currently I look like a geriatric flamingo) oh and it's fat class weigh day tomorrow. Anyway loved my run tonight went a bit faster improved my stride and did just 14 mins. Was nice not counting down and relaxing too. Never thought I would say 'just off out for a quick jog' but now I can!!

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Yes you can because you're a runner

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Cazza73 in reply to rolysmate

I know I haven't quite got that in my head just yet that I am a runner keep thinking I'm just playing at being a runner!

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rolysmateGraduate in reply to Cazza73

nope you're a runner

I am!! Wow I actually am. Still can't believe it that after a crappy day at work instead of reaching for the wine I went for a run.

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Good for you!! I love those pink trainers what make are they??

It's good isn't it very casually saying just out for a run and actually delivering it....

It sure is I even said it at my slimming world class tonight that I went for a run last night. Felt good, still didn't help me loose any more weight tho 😞

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