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Week 8, Run 3. DEMOLISHED!

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Wow! I’m nearly there! Just did a 10pm run for my final session of week 8. It’s really blowing my mind that 8 weeks ago I couldn’t run for 60 seconds without wanting to puke my guts up and now I’m running for 28 minutes at a much better pace!

Also to celebrate today I went to my local ASICS store and had a gait analysis done. It seems I’m mostly ok but I under pronate a bit and I run a little heavy (mostly due to being tall and a bit overweight). They hooked me up with some snazzy new trainers and I took them out for a spin tonight and boy did they take the strain off - the shin pains I used to get are completely gone!

I have to admit, I’m going through a bit of a stressful time at the moment. The wife and I are going through a rough patch and things at home are tense to say the least. The running is really helping though. Having some time to unwind and just not think about the impending doom is making things much easier. It just helps settle my brain and chill out and I’m so glad I started this when I did because otherwise life would be totally unbearable!

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Aw I hope you manage to sort things out at home, and well if not, then I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Either way, still not a great thing to be going through.

It’s nice to have a bit of time to yourself though and it’s great that you found running to do that :) and if everything does go wrong at least you know running isnt going anywhere :)

Aw I love my ASICS trainers, but I haven’t had a gait analysis done. Bit scared tbh.

Sounds like all is going well running wise though and you haven’t got much left ! I’m only one run ahead of you too.

If you ever wanna chat I’m always here, and good luck with everything :)

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Blimey - I thought you’d time travelled, but can see you are Holland so probably gone eleven by now 😂 the snazzy trainer treat is a sweet moment! I’d have laughed if anyone had ever told me I’d spend that on trainers!

Glad the running is also positive for your mental health especially if you are going through the mill a bit.

I’m week 11 now and am only just learning to switch off but it’s good to clear the head out and just zone into the music 🎧 I’m a bit of a ruminator so it’s got to be good for me 😊

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Well done! Running is a great physical and psychological release. You never know, it may not be impending doom, but either way keep running and leaning on us for support. 🏃🏻‍♂️


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Wow Warb W9 is here! Well done you! And well done for finding a healthy way to release some of the tensions at the moment. I hope that things get much better for you at home soon. 30 mins of headspace is so valuable! So keep going and enjoy it! ❤️

Well done !

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