Week 8 Run 1 - It wasn't a fluke!

Thanks to all for your advice on Sunday. I tonight started out with my next run (Week 8 run 1) and once again bashed it out and then some! Carried on to complete my second ever 5K in 39 minutes. I thought Sunday must have been a fluke but by jove it wasn't.

As most of you were I started this unable to run for 3 minutes without feeling like i was going to pass out and now i'm a (getting!) lean, mean running machine. Being 21lb lighter in the last 8 weeks must be helping lol!

As we say at my dance class "HELL YEAH!!!" xxx

5 Replies

  • Well done! And what an amazing weight loss! Enjoy your running :)

  • Well done! An inspiration to us all! :)

  • go girl!

  • Happy days :) xx

  • Well done you. Your into your groove now

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