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OMG - first timing running outside!!!


I did week 5 run 1 yesterday and ran outside for the first time!! How hard was that!! Running in a gym on a treadmill is sooooo much easier. Should i perservere or just go back to the gym? Only upside to running outside was time, no journey to and from gym.

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It would be great if you could swap between the two.

Will try that, thank you

A bit of both. Outside is more interesting once you get to the long runs (things to see/avoid). I started mixing it up in week 7.

Must admit it was interesting, i saw a heron on the pond and other wildlife, just the inclines and wind blowing almost defeated me.



Outside is sooooooooo much more interesting.


Outside is the best, no matter what the weather is!


Yep, agree with Greg_M and Burstcouch; I have done treadmill the occasional time if I'm in the gym anyway, but outside is best, just not at midday in the heat of summer!


Thank you all for your comments, will perservere and hope it gets easier!!


Go for whichever works best for you!

I've done most of my 7 weeks outdoors, had a brief flirtation with the treadmill in W6, ran for 25 minutes outdoors on Monday and am off to the gym (and treadmill) for W7R2 this afternoon. I think I prefer outdoors but have no problems in using the treadmill if it's really wet (I'm not one of those people that enjoys running in the rain). Pick and mix - that's my advice.


Mix it up and do both! I'm an outdoor gal but wondering what I will do when winter hits. Congrats on getting into week 5!!

I've not tried treadmill running and have done all my runs (so far) outside. I'm finding i have to go very early in the morning to avoid the heat, can't walk in the heat well either. I'm doing my last session of Wk 5 outside tomorrow but have been contemplating trying treadmill next week.


Mix it up, I didn't and only ever ran outside now I have to learn to cope with the dreaded treamill. Bonus for running outside is you can change your route and think of all the lovely fresh air and hills too. :)

Going to do week5 run 2 tonight outside, hopefully will be a lovely evening.


I've tried a treadmill a couple of times and found it so much harder for some reason. I didn't have the podcast with me, but mentally i just couldn't keep going. The most I've managed on a treadmill is 15 minutes but outside, I just keep going till I've finished. i think it's because I actually go somewhere that helps. And being however far from home - I have to get home so have to keep going!

I do find the treadmill boring, so hoping that the time will go quicker outside.

I'm using a treadmill for the c25k. Earlier on I tried doing part of week 1 or 2 outside. It was a hot morning but I was okay with that, then I hit a really very small hill and I stopped dead. Had to walk home, it was really demoralising. I know I'll have to work on hills eventually but I'm going to get further through the programme first!

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I think I will try and mix it up a bit otherwise i think i might get a metal block that i cant run outside. But if i find it too hard will go back to just the treadmill rather than getting demoralised and giving up. Good luck

I've come completely stuck at week 7 (fourth week attempting it) running outside as i have quite steep hills whichever way i run and just can't do them without stopping...getting really demoralised so am thinking i'll try the treadmill to prove to myself it's the hills defeating me and not the distance... thats the plan anyway!!!

suesk in reply to cranberry1

Congratulations on getting to week 7. Just keep perservering and im sure you will do it. I never thought i would ever get to week 5 when i started. If it takes a few more weeks than the 9, what does it matter? Good luck

cranberry1 in reply to suesk

Thanks, did the 25mins on the treadmill last night, can't say it was a breeze, but certainly wasn't any way near vomit point which i frequently am when on my outside route. was dead boring staring at the same point on the wall for 30 mins and the dog was devastated (he's my usual running partner), so now i've got over the mental hurdle i'm hoping it'll be more do-able back out in the great British countryside :-)

So in conclusion, perhaps a bit of both is the way to go!!

Congrats on getting to week 5, keep going and i look forward to us both graduating!!!

I did up to week 4 on treadmill, but was getting bored, so moved out and have now done 3 runs outside, and finding it soooooo much better! Am lucky that I have a treadmill at home, and I expect I will start using it more during the winter. I think it is a case of doing what ever feels best. Ultimately you may want to run with others, and to do that will mean outside running. Good luck!


Treadmills are better if you suffer with a weak back the 'Hardness' of the road is harsh on weak backs and i guess other limbs. But as with the above comments MUCH more to see out n about. Either way as long as you run the full time does it really matter how you do it...though in your sleep does not count ha ha ha :-)

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