Week 7 ✅

Completed week 7! I do however have concerns regarding the run. As I've said before I run through the lanes, early morning time there's only one or two cars which I have to stop for because I've got the dogs with me. I only stop for about 10 seconds however, today I had to stop about 5 times. Only for a few seconds but am worried it's like resting. What are your thoughts on this? 😏

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  • I have a similar run. I ignore the occasional pause for a car. Nothing I can do about it so why worry. It's running in the real world. Town runners have to stop at junctions after all. We country lane runners are lucky though.

  • I really wouldn't worry. In strict time running terms you may have underrun but in the grand scheme of things it not going to make a lot of difference.

    I have 19, yes, NINETEEN ****ing gates to deal with on my home 5k run, which I estimate each take about 5 seconds running time to encounter...............I don't think it has done me any harm.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Kissing gates? No need to star that out😀

  • Er................yes, of course that's what they are.

  • I love kissing gates... :) Husband and I have kissed at every one we have gone through since before we were married.. ( OK...I know I did not need to share that) :)

  • Oh, but nice that you did.

  • Maybe if you did more than kissing we don't need to know eg if they were those gates IannodaTruffe mentioned, ahem.

  • Just for clarification, I first posted about the ****ing gates four years ago healthunlocked.com/couchto5... but the council, in their wisdom have added another since then!.

  • Come to Derbyshire for a squeeze stile, they're fun (not) especially with a medium sized dog.

  • Love it!!! Love it!!!

  • Oh!!!...so....it's a noun and not a verb?

    Man, no wonder passer by look at me funny when I am at one....


  • I think it's fine to stop. This is real life and these things happen. A stop of a few seconds really won't matter and when you get past graduation you will be running further so stops will just be part of that process. Be easy on yourself :)

  • Your head's not stopping, you're not stopping for a breather, you're good.

  • I won't tell a lie though I do get happy when I see a car coming haha 😂

  • Secondary gains. Better than wasting energy on irritation!

  • Just don't worry.. you could work out the time and then add it on... but really no need... I know folk who have run up and down lines of cars waiting at the railway crossing to add time on to a run at the end..or around supermarket car parks...:)

    Just keep on running, that is the best thing :)

  • Thanks so much. I feel much better. To be honest I found this run a little easier maybe it's the cars or might even be my stamina, either way I'm excited to start week 8.. you're all a bunch of nutters though and you crack me up! So glad I found this forum 😜

  • Don't sweat the small stuff

  • I can remember the same concern on one of mine when I stopped a bit too early because Mr Smooth said something along the lines of okay you're done but then he continued chatting for a few more seconds then he said 'you can start walking now' it really played on my mind as I felt I'd cheated. But it's a runner's lot to have to pause from time to time. It counts, of course it counts, you ran it.

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