Running music - advice needed!

Hi fellow C25Kers. I'm looking for advice about the best way to store/play music when running. I have an 8GB iPhone and use iTunes Match to store all my music in the cloud but have downloaded about 100 tracks to my phone for running. I'm getting a bit bored with the same songs but have used all my storage. What would you recommend I do to not use too much storage on my phone but also not use too much data either?!!


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  • I use an iPod and it servers me well, when I first started I used the nike app to measure distance but I don't think its that accurate. I have also listened to the radio on it and you can put audio books (i think). It's small so it fits in the tiny pocket in the waistband of my nike pants, leaving the large pocket free for house keys, money and tissues!! For a change I just listen to nothing which is also nice but I tend to leave my headphones!!

  • Thanks! I should probably have said that I also use the phone to track my runs using the Runkeeper app so think this might be using a lot of data too?

  • Hi, I found that I got bored with music also running on narrow country lanes had to have only one ear piece attached as sometimes could not hear car approaching from behind. I now list to audio books and enjoy them while running. I was near the end of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so instead of stopping kept going and managed to complete my first ever 10K - the furthest distance I had managed before was 8km. At first I used an iphone, but now have a Sansa clip which is ideal for running.

  • In your settings/general/data/usage management you can see where most of your data is being used. You can then manage each programme and delete tracks you are bored of etc. I know exactly what you mean and find that a 40 minute program is only about 8 tracks, so do a running playlist of maybe 20 tracks and no more.

    I have the same problem, only 1GB left on my phone. Need to do a huge music cull.

  • Why not try Zombies, Run

    It gives you missions etc and is almost like an audiobook that plays songs from your library as you're going along. You could always then switch out a few songs you've got bored with.

    It also tracks your runs, just like Runkeeper etc

  • Spotify!! There's loads and loads of pre made running playlists :)

  • Also zombies run is hilarious and the best running motivation ever lol

  • I used to be so dependant on music for running...or so I thought! Recently, my phone was not charged and I didn't think my legs would work without music. I felt nervous about running without music but have actually found that it helps the rhythm of my breathing NOT to have music. So I never use music now and I feel like my technique has improved.

    All,best xxx

  • Thanks everyone - great suggestions! I look forward to trying them out :-)

  • Try doing what I do, and run, not like that; just with no music, no tech and just a watch.

  • Might give that a try!

  • check in iTunes for the Ministry of Sounds Running Trax. This is the latest one. It includes mixes that are over 1 hour long and are good to run to. I have a few of these and run to them a lot.

  • Thanks - I will definitely check that out as I usually love their compilations!

  • Hi, did u try the ministry of sound album or zombies run etc...? Just wondering what to try myself? I'm not sure I could run to an audio book?!

  • Hi, thank you for your message. For some reason I can't reply to it?! I'm not very tech savvy as you can probably guess! I'm really grateful for your response. I've always been quite old school on my (dated) iPod but have recently got a new phone and will probably take advantage of the Apple music free trial. I love the MoS tracks anyway so will prob download from iTunes. The Spotify (match the music to your pace) also sounds a great idea. Will check them all out. Thanks again :-)

  • No probs, happy to help :-)

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