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Hey 'Runners'

Just started my journey, last night was week 1, run 1. Went well, I'm not totally unfit, but can't run 5k, yet.

Are people using the treadmill, or running on the streets?

Do you have music while you are running, I've just ordered some Bluetooth earphones, to use on my motorcycle too, but looking forward to running with them ... lose the cord ... Eric

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I started last week and enjoyed it I have just finished my 2nd run of week 2 decided to take one of my dogs with me for the last 2 runs as she loves it and I killed 2 birds with one stone 😄. I walk/run in local areas /parks/ woods etc . I hope that you enjoy it as much as I am starting to 😁


Nah, no dreadmill for me. Shudders at the prospect 😁

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Welcome! I run on the treadmill only, been doing so for just under 2 years. Most people hate it, but I have no complaints. I used the NHS app for weeks 1 to 6 and then switched to my own music since the walking breaks were done!


Forget 5K... just get to the 30 minute runs:)

Some run inside and some run out.... I love the outside running :) Early runs too :) Many of us use or used, the C25K podcast.. music ... and I use the term loosely, is on there:)


Well done for starting and Welcome!!!


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