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Advice for Week 5 Run 3 runners :)

I recently ran W5R3, and I know how scared I was, so I have decided to write a blog post to help anyone who is about to run the dreaded 20 minutes! Please feel free to share your advice in the comments below!

1. Picture your best friend or crush or even partner running next to you, and wanting you to keep going. Even pretend that your having a conversation with them!

2. Plan what you are going to write in your blog post ONCE you have completed the run. This keeps a positive mindset and also keeps you distracted

3. Slow and steady wins the race. Pace yourself, you can build on speed later, just focus on getting through the 20 mins

4. Even try counting the time you have left

5. If you are finding it really tough, watch how you are breathing, and your running technique

6. Drink a glass or 2 of water before your run, to prevent dehydration, and hopefully prevent stitch!

7. Keep going, no matter what! Whatever pain you are feeling throughout the run, I can guarantee it will be worth it!

8. Have fun! Remember how amazing you have done! Its only been 5 weeks since you could barely run 1 minute. Now look at you. Trust the plan, try your hardest, and you will succeed!

Hope you all have great runs!

If you have any questions you want to ask me, then feel free to comment down below! And please put your advice if you have completed the run!

Thanks for reading!

My blog post about my W5R3 run:

~ Olivia

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All great advice. I did mine on Sunday.

The distraction technique is great. I have got a girls holiday coming up in June so I decided to count how many days it was until then. Once I had done that I decided to count how many days it was until my family holiday in August.

On my W5R3 run I also penned my blog in my head whilst running.

Anything to get the time ticking by.

Towards the end of the run I also tried to picture that I was in a race (which I was winning, naturally) coming up to the finish line, not wanting to slow and be passed by someone else.


I tried the counting technique for W6R1 today, and it worked great! Will try the race advice on friday :) Thanks for the advice jonut!


Great advice :) I would share something that still helps me - 'just to that next lamp post', 'let's finish this track', 'I can't walk now because there's another runner', 'oh, well, just to the end of this road' - and so it goes on. I know the only person I'm fooling is me, but it works somehow :)


Ah yes I am very familiar with this technique haha! Thanks for the comment Anniemurph, and it must work well, seeing as you are graduate!! Well done you! :)


Thanks for this. This will be run on Monday. I'm dreading it but trusting Laura! This makes me feel better. And I don't have to imagine my partner - he will be there with me, two tomatoes together!


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