Losing my mojo

Right, need to give myself a talking to. I've missed my usual run days twice in a row now so haven't been out since Saturday and just feeling like I'm losing my groove. (And probably using that as an excuse if I'm honest) I'm on w7 r3 so graduation is starting to feel like a very real possibility now, and stupidity I seem to be going all self sabotage at this point! Putting it on here to make myself get back on track and go out tomorrow no matter what, as I really don't want to throw away all the hard work up until this point, and I'm actually enjoying the runs so makes no sense at all. Sort it out Charlotte!!


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  • I totally lost my mojo last week, was very down and didn't run for quite a few days - what finally spurred me to get back out there was the thought of posting about it here. This is the best running/motivational club in the world.

    One other thing that helped was just knowing I didn't *have* to stick to the programme, I could just go for a 15 minute jogette (I'm a couple runs behind you, so I'd done a 20 minute run by then) if I really wanted, and then the hard work wouldn't be thrown away, even if I didn't actually progress. Of course, I ran the whole scheduled 25 minutes anyway, bit more achey afterwards than usual, but I kept going. It turned out to be one of the loveliest runs yet. Good luck and here's a virtual boot-up-the-bum for tomorrow!

  • Thank you, 'jogette' I like that! That is a good way to look at it, I'll tell myself that tomorrow & just see what happens when I go out. The silly thing is my legs can probably do it now, it's the brain that's the problem this week!

  • I've definitely seen jogette used on here, I can't take credit! I also like "joffling" - jogging and shuffling - learning/creating lots of new words here!

  • Jogette official copyright Irishprincess I believe....

  • Yep Irishprincess :) Awesome lady... awesome runner... one of the real heroines:)

  • Aw Floss thank you.

    Charlotte, jogettes work too. I still do them πŸ™‚

  • The jogette is our lovely Irishprincess 's phrase.. she conceived it after a time on the IC... we all use it when we tootle out for a short amble:)

  • Mo jos are hard to win and imho all too easy to lose...

    They do hide near trainers, don't be the person that kills your mo jo...

    put the trainers on, run and hear your mo jo roar.

    Btw did you know mojo is officially a portmanteau word made up of Mo (Farah) and Jo (Michael Johnson) . How could you kill Mo and Mr Smooth, Charlotte you are not that person....

  • Hahahaha! Jancanrun that 's cracking, I can't possibly be the end of Mo and Mr Smooth you'd all never forgive me! 😱 Those trainers are going on tomorrow to show the mojo the light of day!

  • Thank you, you'd have a jancanrunafterthepersonwho killedmrsmooth on your case....

    Just saying in case you weren't frightened already

  • 😨😨😨

  • Maybe it's just your body saying you need a little rest? How about going back a few runs so you still get out there without your mojo feeling too challenged? Wishing you luck.

  • Thank you, yes maybe that is worth a try to take the pressure off. I think maybe I'll go out aiming to do 15- 20 mins and see what happens, if I can keep going to the 25 then fab but if not it's not a failure, just a practice to get me back on track. Good plan! Thank you everybody

  • No need for that... just go onward.. slow and steady!

  • We all have a blip now and then. Sometimes you just need an extra rest day and then you feel more motivated again the next day.

    You've made it this far - push through to the end!

  • I think most folk have a wobble at some point during weeks 7-9 as graduation looms.

  • Yes I think that's definetly what has prompted it for me, good to hear I'm not alone with that!

  • Ooh yep. Have to admit to a bit of sadness to think I might be done with the programme in a couple of weeks now, plus for me there's definitely a need for a bit more* exercise on rest days to really keep up. So it's tough!

    *more than...very little, in my case!

  • Go read the encouraging replies to my same dilemma.

    I went out today on W7R1. I did NOT regret it. I bet you won't either.

  • Thank you, I've had a read -some great supportive words there, what a fab forum we are part of! I'm pleased you did your run today, well done you! part of my problem is knowing tomorrow is likely to be no better with work & other commitments so was expecting to miss another run, but will find a way to push myself out of that door

  • Charlotte, what are you like, eh? Get it together, go for your run! Get your stuff together tonight if you have to, find all your bits and pieces and lay them out, get your phone charged and find your headphones. Put your trainers in front of the door so that you can't go out without moving them. Get your lucky socks out of the airing cupboard tonight, don't wait for the morning when you'll not find them.

    But for heaven's sake, no excuses. Report to my office when you've done, otherwise you'll be in detention and need to write "I must not miss my run" 200 times in your exercise book. But your homework is an essay titled "I did it" on this forum, tomorrow (Wednesday).

    Most of all, change your route. Run somewhere new. You're bored with your route, not with running. Find a canal, find a flat path on the top of a hill with nice views, run past that attractive house that you've always admired, find out where that path goes that you always walk past, run around the estate where your school crush lived, drive to your Mum's and run home, whatever, but run somewhere new.

    ... we've got you under special observation... RUN :-)

  • I did it, I did it, I did it!! thank so much for the kick up the bum, it worked! Onwards & upwards we go πŸ˜€

  • All the cool boys and girls meet up behind the bikesheds to talk about running. You're invited to join our gang :-)

  • Haha! I'm honoured!

  • Mental block I had one this week just go out and take it easy and you'll get it back I was dreading going tonight as I had had to give up the other night there but I did it and so can you xxxx

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