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Got my mojo back!

I graduated sometime ago and for various reasons [honestly all genuine!] lost my mojo and got out of the habit of running. I recently gave myself a good talking to and read my old posts on here and got started again. So glad I did! Started myself at week 4 and I think because I've done this before, part of the mental challenge was easy - I can do this cos I've done it before! What has really worked for me is to sort my pace out, not to go out at break neck speed. When I've completed each run I've felt ready for the next and it hasn't been so daunting. I reminded myself that a 'proper' runner I know told me it doesn't matter about speed - that will come later, just keep going for the allotted time.

So, this morning I completed week 5, run 3 and ran for 20 mins and loved it! So pleased with myself - managed to finish the run just before the heavens opened as well which is a plus! Am now watching the Great North Run thinking 'yes I could do that....' one day!

Happy running!

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Well done, mothergoose!


Thanks squaremum! Saw your times on Garmin - you are flying!


Congratulations and welcome back to the fold. It is good to hear that your enthusiasm is not dampened, despite the wet weather. I agree about watching the GNR. It could make one do all sorts of rash things........


Thanks! This site is so helpful - always make sure I read some posts inbetween runs - nice to see everyone doing well and encouraging each other. Signed up for the GNR yet?!!!


Good to hear from you MG and that you are back out there! Keep going and you will soon be back to 30 mins no problem :)



Thanks Sue! Honestly can't wait! How daft is that?!


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