Stressed and losing my mojo

Only four more runs left before graduation, but I’ve not been out since Sunday, when I had a fairly unsatisfying run. I was supposed to go yesterday morning, but wasn’t in the mood, so should have gone this morning. But I had some unexpected and difficult news at work yesterday. Nothing terrible, and in some ways it could be positive, but it’s left me feeling really stressed out, and so I didn’t sleep much last night and didn’t think there was much point even trying to go out this morning without being properly rested. On the other hand, I know running can be a good de-stresser.

What do people do when life gets in the way? Help me get back out there, lovely running friends!


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21 Replies

  • If you don't feel like running, put kit on anyway and then before you know it your mind has taken over and 'you might as well go for a run anyway'...

    Losing your mojo has happened to us all (it also happened to me in week 8!) - just remember... a not so good run is better than no run at all.

    Also, running will really help you sleep and deal with the stresses. If I've had a bad day at work I find a run can really help me process all the rubbish and it apparently makes me a nicer person to live with ;-)

  • Agree with all the above.  I find that there is nothing better for making you feel like running than putting your running kit on :)

    When life gets stressful, I go for a run :)   Although, to be honest, I havnt yet been very stressed since I started running.

  • I just do it!  It's so much easier than the tussle in my head which would ensue had I not done it.

    Also the overwhelming reasons for running in the first place remind me why I need to do it

  • Monday I felt completely shattered. Hadn't managed to sleep at all. You know how it is when you lie there, tossing and turning yet the more you want to sleep, the less you're able to. Then it is morning so you give up and get up. By the afternoon I felt unable to run but I knew I didn't have a spare day to catch up so it was either run Monday or don't run till Thursday. I got my gear on and headed a bit grumpily out. I thought: even if I just walk to the park and back, at least I've done something. The beginning of the run was tough but I made myself run fast which woke me up and it ended up being a really good run. You just never know. Get your gear on, get out and even if you just walk round the block briskly, it is something. Chances are though once you're out, you'll run. C'mon, you've come so far, you have got to finish. You know it really.

  • Life will always get in the way. You just have to ignore it for 30 minutes and run.

  • Just get dressed and go out for a brisk walk, pretty soon that brisk walk will either make you feel better, or make you want to run. Hey presto...

  • The best thing about a run is when you finish it... 😊 then you feel so great you wonder what all the fuss was about..

    Lock those gremlins in the cupboard.

    Not long til you graduate... your badge is waiting. x

  • Thanks everyone. It’s a lovely day, the days are getting longer, I might try and get out this evening when I get back from work. Never tried an evening run.

  • I love evening runs...its just the right temperature and the birds are singing...then when you sit down for the evening you have that contented glow..and your body burns off more calories as its just exercised. Go for it..😀

  • You were right, Jan. It was lovely. Might try some more now summer approaches.

  • I know you're still in the program, but during maximum stress I like different kinds of running.  Maybe fast, stompy and hard followed by long walk breaks to recover.  Or short running intervals with lots of walking so I can go further.  Something to get my anger out or put me in a meditative state.   Run to how you feel sometimes, it's very cathartic.

  • I find that reading a few posts on here generally restores my mojo.

    If you don't feel up to a week 8 run why not do a short 'free' run just for fun and get back to the programme another day. You will feel better for it!

  • Sometimes, when life takes your motivation away, you just have to fall back on discipline to keep doing the things you do, and then, almost invariably, the act of doing those things restores your motivation.

  • Thanks, everyone! Just back from an evening run. 

    My headphones battery died on my way home from work so thought I'd try free running. No music, no Laura, no nothing. Was a bit strange with just the sound of my breathing, and feet and the odd car.

    Didn't want to push myself so just did one lap of my old route. Didn't take my phone but reckon I ran for about 15 minutes, then had a bit of a walk, then picked it up for the last stretch, but had to slow to a walk to get past a group of school kids who had just been disgorged from a massive coach (seemed to be some kind of French exchange) and were blocking the pavement, and then ran on to my usual finishing point.

    Probably did about 20 mins of running in total. Enough (for me) to work up a bit of a sweat. It was a lovely evening. Quiet, and yes, birdsong. Quite a few other runners out and about too. Was good to get back out there. 😊

  • Hehe! Posts overlapped!

  • Well done :) Put this down as an ok one, smash the next one :)

  • Lovely.. well done vivster. I ran this evening too so we were virtual running buddies tonight.

    No french kids for me though...😊

  • Hope you've managed to get out there vivster . I think the end of c25k looming can be quite dampening too, it's the reality of knowing 'this is it- just out there, running now!' let alone other factors from left-field.

    Make it as short an experience as possible. 5 minute warm up, run 14 mins one way, 14 mins back, last few mins warm down and that is you.

    Good luck, hoping to hear an update x

  • I'm way ahead of you jt24 I kept it easy though. Not counting this one.

  • I'd consider counting it. You went out when you easily could have avoided it. You know you're capable of better, next run will 'tell you more', repeat after that if necessary :)

  • Also, the fair has come to town and set up on the common! It is, happily, not blocking any of my paths, so tonight was a good recce if nothing else.

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