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Couch to 5K
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Week 5 Run 3 done!

So mentally it was a huge leap but I did it.

I was so proud after but so fed up as I did not enjoy the last five mins at all. I did the five minute cool down walk and then felt I wouldn't bother running ever again lol.

Today I feel better about it and yes I will go out again in a few days to start Week 6.

Tell me it gets easier with time and practice.

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It gets easier with time and practice there you are I said it.

Seriously though well done you as this is a massive run, your 1st proper run so to speak and you've done, a big boost to moral/confidence and it shakes those nasty gremlins off your shoulder.

You will get stronger as you go along and gain your running legs and with that comes enjoyment

Once again well done you


I have to be honest it does get easier but it is not just about the physical side. Your mind will play tricks on you. I did find the first run of WK6 harder but that is because I varied my running pattern. So ran Sunday WK5 R3 at 0600 ish then started WK6 R1 after two days rest on the Tuesday.

Stick to it and read what others say here. Inner calm during the run.


Slow and steady....and with every run... you get stronger :P


I struggled with the last 5 mins too...but today I did W6 R3 ...25 mins and actually could have gone on!! So stick with us!!! 😉


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