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Week 1 Day 3

Hi again everyone :) So this evening I went out for my 3rd walk/run. It was tough because it's quite a humid evening here in this part of the Netherlands, but I still managed to complete it.. just! My husband came with me on his bike and it was nice to have some company and support.

I was wondering, because I didn't complete my first attempt last Friday, is it recommended to repeat one day of week 1 the next time I run? Or should I start with week 2 already? I'm interested to hear what others did in this situation?

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Personally, I would move on - but only if you feel comfortable. You know your body and your psychology best. At the end of the day it doesn't really matter. You can do the programme as quick or as slow as you want. Just keep moving and enjoy the runs :)

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If today was tough, but you achieved it, I personally would move on, unless it was so tough you're still feeling the after effects. Have a go at the next one, you won't know unless you try.

Tot ziens... (did I spell that right?)

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Haha yes you did :) bedankt voor het advies (thanks for the advice!)


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