Week 3 - Run 3 -

Having completed the third run of week three, I am just wondering how I should feel regarding my readiness to move on to week four? Should I be feeling 'ready' for week four or should I be feeling that week 3, run 3, was hard, and I was still puffing and panting but managed to complete the two lots of 3 minutes? I am really not sure if I should keep going til it's comfortable, or should I just be completing the week and then moving on regardless of whether I have found it difficult or not? I know week four is more gruelling so am likely to be even more puffed out than now, but should I try it anyway, or keep repeating week 3 til I know I am ready? Sorry for what is probably a basic question but I don't want to be disappointed with myself. I need to complete this programme.... this is the third time I have attempted it, having given up twice before (whilst getting to week 6 and running for 20 minutes non stop) because of a number of stupid excuses. This time I am determined to complete it.


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  • I never felt ready for the next week, but amazingly it was achievable! Good luck!

  • I never feel 'ready' for the next week, but some how I'm on week 7! Just keep following the lovely Laura's mantra, do what she says and go slow- don't try to run too fast. Come on, you can do this Jigglemoose!!! Xx

  • My next run is the 25 minutes... not sure about it but I managed the 2x10 minutes today, first one was comfortable second one was not!

    However, you are capable of more than you realise :) You CAN do this! Even if you have to slow down so much you feel like you could walk faster... you can do it! Give it a try at least :)

  • Oh Jigglemooce, come on, get a grip :-) Your friend lost 5 stone and you're worrying about doing week 4??? Week 4 is an important step, as you'll be running longer than you'll be walking. You can already run for 3 minutes (OK, puffing and panting) and I'm sure that (if you slow down a bit) you could run for 5 minutes. There's a lovely 2.5 minute recovery walk in the middle, too. I'd say "Go for it" and give W4 a try - you'll surprise yourself and be back here telling us all about your triumph. And it you're not comfortable after giving it a try, then repeat W3. But DON'T repeat W3 without trying W4r1 first.

    Just a tip: don't set off too fast. Slow down, slow down some more and then change down a gear.

    Best wishes.

  • Well done on getting this far. Trust in the programme: your head might not be ready for the next step, but your body is! I am 51, overweight and now know that I have spent the whole of my life seriously underestimating what I am capable of! After 12 weeks I have reached week 9 on the programme (had a bit of a rest on the injury couch part way through because of sciatica!) I still have some runs where I struggle more than others but there enough better ones to keep me going. Good luck!

  • You're ready if you have managed to complete the run before no matter how much puffing and panting you did. You have done it before so you know you CAN do it. Go for week 4 but take it slowly. You'll be fine.

  • Such good advice above. I'm sure that, although you may be puffing and panting during your runs, your recovery is getting faster. ie your breathing is settling quicker once you start walking. That increased level of fitness is enough for week 4. Take it slow, think positive and remember the army of Couchers who have gone before and survived!!

    Best of luck :) xx

  • Definitely give Week 4 a whirl, I'm sure you have more in the tank than you realise. A lot of the programme is about mindset but also confidence building as you progress. Try to visualise how great you will feel if you can tick off Week 4 & let that spur you on. You have done a third of the programme, why wouldn't you be able to do more??? Good luck!

  • If you've completed the runs in a week move on to the next. You can do week 3, doing it over and over will just mean that you can do week 3 better, it won't necessarily make you any better prepared for week 4.

    Start week 4, if you can't complete the first run keep trying it until you do. Better off doing that than staying at week 3.

    I did week 3 run 2 today, so will hopefully be joining you in week 4 next week.

  • thanks everyone; such good advice! That's why I love this group. You are right Amisnan.... I am puffing and panting and ready to drop before the 3 minutes are up, but I am definitely recovering faster during the walks. I am going to do Run 1 Week 4 tomorrow night after work. You have all spurred me on. Thank you. ;-)

  • Be brave and give it a go! The programme is designed to work, if you really find it too hard then you can go back a week, but I bet you won't need to. Just listen to Laura and take it slow..

  • Ditto what everyone has said, so far the program/laura has get me to Week5 Run2 tomorrow I iwll approach Run3 (20mins) the same as all of eeh previous ones. I will do it :D Good luck and keep at it :D

  • just the question I was going to ask, and look, all this advice ready and waiting for me!

  • Me too! Thanks everyone. Its lovely to be able to plug away at this by myself in my own time but have this forum for advice and encouragement

  • Brilliant advice! Thanks! I did start week 4 and am still doing it! Dropped the running for various excuses to just once a week, but have just bought a second hand treadmill so the darkness and weather can't be used as another excuse! Am doing the final run of week 4 today then start week 5! Slowly slowly me catching rhe graduates!!!!

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