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Enjoying this feeling!


Just completed Run 1 of Week 8 and yes, I actually ran for 28 minutes! I am surprising myself to be honest. I really didn't feel like running today but knew I would feel better if I did. I'm hoping I begin to see results in my shape before too long, now the running times are increased. Finding it pretty addictive. The app has been great for me, as it builds up the run times gradually. I have attempted running in the past but never stuck to it as I was obviously try to run before I could walk (pardon the pun!). I have also progressed from mainly the treadmill to now running outside, which is harder but much less boring!

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Well done You, keep going and loving your elephant quote x


Yeay...out there, running and loving it... very well done!

So close now.. take it steady, as you head towards the podium!

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Thank you Oldfloss!


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