Actually enjoying this running business

W2 R1

I actually enjoyed it jogging in the rain and the dark , feeling in control and dare I say it less self conscious.

I ache now and certainly don't find it easy but that also makes me feel good as I know I have worked hard and on each run I have come a little further and a step nearer to achieving my goal.

Think I have the running bug already. Amazing

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  • Well done Luvleeju! You get such a sense of achievement after pushing yourself don't you? I think that's what makes it so addictive :-)

  • You're so lucky, LUV! I would have to be honest and say I enjoy thinking about a run and I love the runner's high and sense of achievement after a run as well as feeling and looking better BUT I hate the actual running! :)

  • that's great, well done! It's amazing how quickly you can get bitten by the bug :-)

  • Yep, the bug has well and truely bitten you Julie :D

    Well done for getting out there in the rain and dark; not easy but a great feeling afterwards!

    Best of luck for your next run!

    Sue :)

  • After a soggy and cold hobble around W2R1 last night and with a sore right achilles today I can only say that I agree with you 100%! Keep it up!

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