Graduated & still not enjoying it! Something wrong with me?!

So I've been running over over 12 weeks now, graduated a few weeks ago. And I'm feeling that there must be something wrong with me cos I still dread every run! I run on the treadmill cos it's cold & dark in the evenings here in nz at mo & the only flat places to run (I cannot do inclines!!!) feel a bit unsafe. So I have music which helps but I find myself counting down every minute, just feeling so glad when it's over with. Don't get me wrong I'm proud of myself for sticking to an exercise plan for the first time in my life & as a friend told me 'no-one enjoys hard work! But I can't say I feel energised by the runs or have an endorphin rush or anything else. Maybe running just isn't for some people? I am alone I'm this?! I started running for a bet to run a 5km park run with a friend but also aware that I couldn't count on my good luck with health and that I needed to start looking after myself. HELP!!!


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  • Hi Row99

    I absolutley loathe running - on a treadmill.

    Not saying that this is the same as you, perhaps you could try a gentle run sometime outside, even if it takes a small bit of effort to go somewhere flat, even if it is only for 2-3km which should be manageable for you.

    My pleasure from running is being outside, seeing the world around me, wind past may ears (I would say through my hair but I am blessed with solar panels up top) and believe it or not the variability of the road up and down rises (I don't like hills either).

    It could be that runnning isnt the sport for you, however, I would say don't give up yet, you have invested a lot in it, 12 weeks is a long time to give up on. Give it a go outside and see if anything changes.

    I get that no-one enjoys hard work, but exercise shouldn't be hard work, yes ok, I have hated some runs but afterwards have always felt a warm fuzzy feeling of goodness, relief, pride, and that actually I did enjoy it really.

  • Thanks for that, yes I'm very proud that I'm doing something good for my body instead of being a couch potato but wondering if maybe it isn't the exercise for me. That even when I used to play squash (which enjoyed) I didn't actually move around much so maybe it's just the fact I'm a bit lazy. But ur right I've become so focused on reaching this 5km goal which is gr8 from the point of view of having something to aim for, that I'm perhaps missing the pleasure - as you say maybe by running outside I will cover less ground but actually enjoy it more. I think I'm worried what I will look like which I know is silly - but I have a mental block about running in front of people! But I cud try a run outside & see what happens! Many many thanks :)

  • Give it a go, I used to be self-conscious about running and being seen that I started my c25k in the local park at 6:30am, and managed a couple of runs without being seen. That was until some inconsiderate dog walkers decided to do their exercise at the same time. Problem was it was such a small park that I passed them several times as we were lapping in opposite directions. I think them seeing my ever decreasing pace, increasing redness and louder breathing got me beyond caring. Now I nod and smile and say hi to anyone I pass and to be honest don't think they even notice me.

    Let us know how you progress and if you find the love of running.

  • Will do thanks!

  • Well done continuing with something you are not enjoying.

    What sort of runs are you doing?

    Have you got some variety in there, in respect of types of runs and routes?

    Have you tried parkrun? The atmosphere is infectious, supportive and life affirming.

    How about a running club?

    I love to run away from home, especially in beautiful natural environments.......cliff paths, ridgeways, moorland or forest tracks, forgetting about time and distance, stopping to admire the view and walking every now and then.

    Treadmills are the devil's invention in my opinion. Sure, they serve a purpose, but they are totally devoid of the joy of real running. The whole process is far too mechanistic for me.

    Have you tried slowing right down removing all performance pressures. I have forced myself to do this recently and have found the runs very satisfying. Try to relax and enjoy the fact that you can actually do this thing. I run because I can.

    Not everybody finds the love, but now you have the ability, it would be a wonderful thing if you could and let's hope that passion is just around the corner.

  • I'm with you, not called a dreadmill for nothing. Serve a purpose if all other options are gone but run outside if at all possible.

  • Thank you, I'm going to give it a go!

  • Do you have an Athletics club close to you? Even in the winter a club will usually meet up and run around the track under floodlights. It would be so much nicer than running on a treadmill and you would also get the social side of being part of a club.

    I joined a local Athletics club a few weeks after graduating and it is great fun. There are all abilities and speeds taking part. And as a bonus there is a lovely friendly atmosphere. I personally couldn't run on a treadmill all the time.

  • Yes there is a local runners club - worth looking into for sure! Thank you!

  • Listen to IannodaTruffe lots of great ideas there.... Running is not for everyone..and it may be something else will give you other things...:) The Walking for Health site, is where some folk find what they seek... we are all so wonderfully, unique!

    But.....if you want to carry on running, think on some of the ideas suggested. What about running early, is that an option?

    Slow and steady and so much to see...I run, I ramble on about my runs in my posts... that gives me the joy. Maybe a rush of endorphin overload is not what it is about... Just the acceptance of a simple,relaxed, enjoyable run, knowing it is doing you good and filling your body with a sense of well being!

    I tried lots of things after running... some of them quite silly, all of them entertaining; for me, and any unfortunate onlookers... Running backwards springs to mind... :)

    Maybe just try not to try too hard to find that moment! Do some different things if you want to carry on with this,and, keep us posted please?

  • Thanks oldfloss, as ever brilliant advise & support on this forum! Going to go running outside in the big wide world - what's the worst that can happen right? :)

  • I think there are lots of people who do enjoy hard (as in intense) work! (Although I am not sure I'd count myself amongst them)

    It is a lot easier to enjoy running off the treadmill. I'd also ask yourself if you are enjoying other stuff in your life (an important question) It sounds as though you have gone into this feeling slightly anxious and slightly punitive about yourself - and that's carried you a long way but it may be time for some compassion now. Sometimes it is that time just being with ourselves and our feelings that is rather difficult... or we're expecting an obvious 'high' which not everyone gets.

    If you are staying on the treadmill then an audiobook or a funny podcast might be better than music (or at least a change)

  • Think you have to mix it up, something fresh? Organised runs, Parkrun as mentioned, the odd virtual runs, a running club/group as well as solo runs, have done all of these and makes a difference, makes it all feel more worthwhile.. and at the end of the day keeps me fit! I've never used a dreadmill, went to a gym and walk out again! It was small and busy at the time..give me the great outdoors anyday..😊

  • Yes I think you're right - I guess I've been waiting as I don't consider myself a runner just yet, people tell me running on a treadmill is so much easier than running outside so that's put me off - I guess I don't really believe I am actually a runner! As my mother said god bless her ' well ur not really running as a treadmill doesn't count!' Doesn't inspire you with confidence! I have a friend who's offered to run with me, maybe I'll have take her up on it :)

  • I think running on a dreadmills like a hamster would bore me to distraction

    Check out somewhere safe to run. Find a jog group! NZ is a massive place. Where do others run? I would make it my business to find out.


  • There are two clubs locally, one is a bit serious for my liking - but there is another one I could enquire about - I guess my lack of confidence in my running ability has put me off so far. But a very social person so it cud be just the motivation I need! Many thanks! :)

  • I have been using C25K for some time now. Sometimes I hate it but sometimes I feel great. Stick with it and you will 'get the rush' eventually!

  • If you really must use a treadmill, have you thought of upping your speed a little for the last part of your run? I find a sprint finish bucks me up, even if its quite a short distance.

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