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Feeling unmotivated


So I completed W2D1 today.. I hadn't run for a week and although I found it a bit difficult to run for 1,5 min straight, I did it (I had to walk more than 2 minutes to get the strength to run though) But I feel a bit unmotivated. I started running to lose a bit of fat and to fight my anxiety&depression(although I feel significantly better now). In general I'm a bit pessimistic as a person and struggle to find motivation for things I haven't done before(such as running).. So I'm thinking: if I'm struggling with week 2(I even found week 1 difficult), will I be able to complete the programme? I mean,I know I can always repeat a week but with my stamina, it will take me 20 weeks! ;p Anyways...my point is, can you give me some motivation tips, your experience maybe?did you struggle too, at first? How did you keep going? I'm sorry for the long post and if I bored you. Thank you.:)

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I'm at the same point - W2 R1 completed, and feel it's all a little overwhelming. I can't believe I will ever be able to run for 5 minutes never mind 30! However, I trust the many many people on here who say we can and will be able to do it. You say you're worried it may take twenty weeks - so what! Imagine greeting 2018 with the ability to run for 30 minutes! We can do this!

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I am only on WK3R3 and at the start of the programme, I never thought I'd be here staying that I'm really enjoying my running!!

The best thing to do is focus on the run that you are on and not to worry about what is coming up as that will distract you from the task at hand.

Your stamina, endurance, fitness and desire to run will increase with each run and so will your love of running 🏃🏻‍♀️ and remember we've all been at that same point of nor being able to see the wood for the trees!!!

Like I said, I am a newbie but I have found this forum and the people on it, absolutely amazing and so positive and kind.

Remember the hardest thing was actually making the decision to start but the most rewarding feeling is continuing and knowing that you're doing something to improve your health!! Keep up the good work 👍🏼

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Hi Monique. I think it's natural to doubt that you will be able to complete the programme. Heck I've doubted that is be able to complete each run. I repeated a couple of runs in week 2 and 3 which helped me feel more confident. I haven't needed to since then so far and I'm on wk6r3 today. I. 52 years 20 stone and haven't done a.y exercise for years. Those doubts don't easily go away. Each run day it would be easier not to go. BUT I wanted something in my life to change. I want to feel more energised and healthy; to have more focus less fatigue and to feel more confident generally. If I can lose some weight to then fantastic!

If we don't do something different then things will stay the same I reckon. So that gets me up and out running and I always feel better for it. I'm surprised and elated with every run, even the ones where I struggle as its much better than staying on the couch.

You said you already feel much better and you have nothing to lose by keeping going but loads to gain. Very well done for coming this far, just keep going out, try the next run and repeat until you complete, then move on. It doesn't matter how long it takes to anyone. Enjoy each run. I look forward to seeing your posts. Keep going and keep surprising yourself.

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I, like many on here, graduated having not run since school. I did it to challenge myself. I had good runs and bad runs. I had days where I was excited to get out and run and days where I had to force myself.

The rewards from running, especially in the early days come from the sense of achievement from completing a run. I never once regretted going for a run afterwards, good or bad - but I have regretted not going every time I could have but didn't.

Motivation is a tough one to be able to have on tap. Life would would be easy if we always felt like fulfilling our commitments. Like Roy Castle used to sing 'dedications what you need'. Give yourself a schedule and do it whether you feel like it or not. Some of my best runs have come from running on days when I just didn't 'feel it'.

Start with routine. You won't regret trying. You've got this!


Okay.. well.. a lot of questions there... :) So...

You began this...that is a massive positive step :)

Now... try not to focus on what is to follow... maybe do not even peek at the coming weeks..

Focus on now, not next, and as the weeks progress, how far you have come.

Mainly slow down... right down...at this early stage you should ( as Laura says on the podcast), be moving slowly and gently that anyone would hardly know you are running.

Many, many of us felt that we would collapse in these first weeks, some even running near hospitals or in public places...just in case!! Yet here we are:)

The running will help your anxiety and depression i feel sure, it has worked for many of us.. all those happy little endorphins whizzing around...those little chaps can squish any negative gremlins into submission!

Many of us struggled, still struggle with things.. we are all on this amazing journey, learning so much about our selves and our running.

You have to convince yourself that you are going to do this.. as slowly and steadily as you like... get a mantra for yourself for every single day... choose on that works for you...:) We are right beside you....:)

Not can I.... but I can :)


Hi my "running story" can be played out over a number of years, where I learned to run and also what works for me. Overweight and not a lot of spare cash for gym classes with depression etc excercise made me feel better. However running...short of a miracl I couldn't envisage it... but I learnt to run a mile , bit by bit and tree by tree I could run 1-2 miles mainly down hill. The next challenge was uphill, so that's been my last year still a mile(ish) but up and down hills still using landmarks (andgbmapometer) to measure distance. Recently I realised I had to make progression, otherwise the weight won't go...so I started the couch to 5k, using an interval timer on my phone and running tracks on Amazon music. 4 weeks in and I'm up to 2.5miles in 30 minutes and the weights going!! I've put up with headaches that I've got from picking up the pace , and drank more water.

It's about finding your way to run and what you can cope with and manage , I'm really glad I stuck with it, however long it's taken.


It will be difficult every week because as your stamina builds up so does the programme. But you might need to repeat the occasional run if you didn't manage to finish it. You won't need to repeat them all.

Don't wait for it to be easy. Focus on the achievement of doing something difficult and succeeding. Success is finishing the run, even though you are out of breath, red in the face and dripping.

Every week I thought wow that was hard. How can I hope to run further next week but every week I did and I am still amazed that I can do 30 minutes when 1 was so tough.


How we view the world makes all the difference to how we deal with it.

You say you are a pessimist, and with little experience of this training plan, you have extrapolated from your struggles that you may not be able to do it or that it will take you twenty weeks. From a positive perspective and my experience of following hundreds of runners through the process, I see someone who has made the effort to start a change in her life, who has completed one week and made a good first of week 2.

If you believe you can't do something, you will be correct. Spookily, if you believe you can, then you are half way there. Read this post I put up a while back, it may help healthunlocked.com/couchto5...………..positivity

This plan will build self esteem and self belief. You are capable of doing way more than you believe. This is a life changer, honestly. It is only you stopping you. Motivation has to come from you, but we are here to advise, cajole and help in any way. Believe.


Hi .. I have just started this programme this week and "finished" week 1. I know what you mean - not sure I can face week 2 - at the moment I am thinking about redoing week 1. But also I know that before I started this I was doing nothing so already I know I am making positive step forwards for my health being overweight and feeling too old compared to my age. I think like has been said don't worry about the coming weeks just focus on now and think back to what you have already achieved by starting and even finishing week 1. Even if you repeat the same week it is better than doing nothing. Go For It.


In the words of the song "nobody said it was easy...". Truly, most participants will find this programme mentally and physically tough but the great thing is that you don't have to think about it at all, just follow the plan.

The first sentence of your post is enough for me: "So I completed W2D1 today". Great! Take a rest day and take on W2D2, then another rest day then W2D3. It really is that straightforward. Love it, hate it, doesn't matter so long as you get out for each session.

Personally, I loathe running; it's just a means to an end for me. But being this fit makes walking, cycling, squash and badminton much more enjoyable so that's why I still do it. Think about why you started running and there lies your motivation. Good luck!


Guys, I'm speechless:) Thank you so, so much! I will have your comments in mind every time I get out there to run. This community has been a very important part of my c25k journey. Thanks again!!

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