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Going backwards 😟

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Last few weeks have been very sporadic run wise due to health / work issues , managed a run last fri whilst on hols in Cornwall but as super hilly where was made old knee injury sore so only did the one . A week of eating pasties and cake and junk and I've come back half stone heavier and feeling like complete beginner again !! How do you go from one month zipping around race for life and saying next year 10k to struggling to do 2 k without stoping πŸ˜– Really missed running , shocked to see how little it takes to lose condition , feeling despondent πŸ˜₯

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Okay please cheer up, holidays are when we let go and relax and spend time recharging. It takes almost superhuman control to resist a Cornish (and in the interests of balance Devon) cream tea or two. But you graduated, you know your own running recipe. So just do a reboot, your muscles won't have forgotten anything, in this short break. Give yourself a mini challenge if that is how you motivate yourself. If ill health and issues preceded the break, no wonder you're a little adrift.

You say you really missed your running, so that's the best piece of news here, because if you miss it, then you want to do it. I am sure your bod will retune naturally and more quickly once you restart. Good luck and happy running on your next one. P.s. I run tomorrow, so will be hoping you get out and rediscover your mojo.πŸŽ“πŸ‘Ÿ

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I've done 12 hr shift today but am out in morning for another step on the way back to mojo πŸ™‚

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You will do it though with determination

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Well said...like I need to say that???...JCR xx

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Don't worry :) I've had longer breaks and it's remarkable how quickly you bounce back. It is NOT a case of "losing whatever percentage for every whatever number of days you don't run" or any of that trite twaddle bandied about so freely. :)

Think of it like your car. You have good tires,a certain amount of petrol in the tank and the battery has drained a bit and the petrol has got a wee bit gummy and the tyres slightly deflated while it's been parked up for a week - but a few cleansing and restorative trips and everything will be humming along as it was ;)

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Baz62Graduate in reply to Irish-John


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Oh gosh! We don't lose fitness that quickly, but with all you have had heaped on you..some self inflicted:) it feels really bad.

So... back to the healthy eating regime.. exercise, (swimming maybe) on rest days, some walking too to get yourself going and a few Irishprincess jogettes to get the running legs going again too!

Set yourself an exercise regime... there are some great ones out there, and a few short runs should get the endorphins whizzing around your body again!

Keep posting too, so we can keep supporting you! You will be back in no time!

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Baz62Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for support , yes pesky holiday that included a christening wk after family wedding !! Doomed lol . I shall get there again πŸ˜–

Sorry you're so despondent. It sounds like your Mojo has taken a vacation too and forgotten to return with you. Lots of good advice above which is worth persevering with and somewhere along the way you'll find your Mojo and be back into it. Good luck.

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I'm in a similar place. I have just come back from a cruise and haven't run for 2 weeks. Before my break I had graduated from B2 10K. I did parkrun yesterday nearly 2 minutes slower than normal. It also felt like hard work. It's the first break from running in over a year so I enjoyed it and made the most of it. I can't really say I missed running! I read somewhere that it only takes a couple of weeks to get back to your normal running level. I've decided that whilst I enjoy the highs I get from running, including fitness, parkrun PBs, etc. I'm not going to beat myself up over set backs. I'm not training to become an elite athlete. As long as I'm getting out there doing something, I'm satisfied.

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Hey Baz, sounds a bit like you are also floundering in the post graduate fog. I too had that "zipping around RFL debating 10k" feeling. Have tried to keep up 2-3 times a week (which I know is great), but my most positive gremlin free runs since have been when there is someone else spurring me on (running with a group, doing a race with a work colleague, and this week running with someone of similar pace at Parkrun). Is there anywhere near you that you can join a group or find a running buddy?

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Baz62Graduate in reply to SueKen

I have a friend that run with sometimes but she prefers treadmill I like outdoors ! Am going out in morning with sons fiancΓ© , she's getting over injury at mo so bit slower than usual ! Thanks for advice , I work shifts so regular days a prob !

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Don't feel despondent.....remember the felling after you'd completed week whatever???? You just need to aim for that..you are capable..of 2k & 10k..coz you've done both so you just need to get back there so take it steady & slow...it'll feel like its natural before u know it

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