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Going backwards?

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Need some help and advice.....

Graduated last spring and then due to injury had to start again last November.

Re graduated 8th March this year and was chugging along ok.

My aim is to run 5.5 miles on my 55th birthday, really don't know where I got the idea, but there you are.

I'm 55 in September.

I have been doing 2 x 30 minute runs a week and one "longer" run, which I've managed to get up to 40 minutes.

All good.

If I increase my time by about 3 or 4 minutes a week I should reach my goal.

All very logical and sensible EXCEPT....the last few weeks my fitness is diminishing!

Stitch, out of breath, heavy legs, complete lack of motivation, whats the point sort of feelings...

Ran ( jogged) for 30 minutes this morning and it felt terrible again,

Sorry to moan but it seems to be getting harder and harder, not easier like last year when I did it.


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Well, it's sounds like a great goal and something that I'm sure you will achieve. i think that you probably need to take one of the runs out for a week i.e. just do two runs this week. Giving your muscles a break might just help to relieve that heaviness. Another thought; have you changed your diet or time for running? This could have an impact. It is probably just a motivational thing, like you say. If running becomes a real plod then it's time to change something. Perhaps a change of scenary or music or try a new podcast, or a running club, or a park run. Give yourself a reason to run, something as simple as running to a postbox to post a letter seems to help me!

Good luck! :)

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gypsydeppGraduate in reply to TJFlute

Thanks Teresa.

I didn't mention I've also been doing Curves 3x a week up until a week ago.

I started it to support my running and to contribute towards 5x50.

I probably expect too much and have maybe been overtraining.

Thanks for your support


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I'd suggest doing something different during one of your 30 minute runs. Try running to a beat if you've not done this before; you could try one of the 5K+ podcasts or one from the Podrunner website. Choose one with short fast intervals or longer, slower intervals with 2-3 mins 'recovery' jogs between. You may find mixing up your pace relieves the 'chugging along'.

Are you able to go somewhere different for your longer run, somewhere further from home? Even if you choose a route that you know will be too long and go prepared to run for 45 minutes and walk the rest of the way. How about an off-road trail - a woodland walk, riverside path, canal towpath...?

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gypsydeppGraduate in reply to swanscot

Thanks for replying.

I now remember that last time I did this I used to do week one, jogging when Laura said walk, and running fast when she said run.

I live on the south coast so am going to take your advice and explore the beaches and the new forest.

Think I sometimes spend so much time thinking about everyone else that I don't allow myself 'me' time.

So, forest interval run on Wednesday!

Thanks x

Sorry to hear your hitting a wall. I think you could be right when you said you might be over training. As your doing curves as well.(dont know what that is sorry). Your body needs time to recover I would try 1 steady run or interval training which is like running hard for 60 seconds then jog at a comfterable pase for 2 mins and repeat for you 30 mins or so. and devise a bit of a circuit training for exersise day 2 ( or do your curves) theres loads of apps to give you ideas, i do a 5 min walk to warm up, then 30secconds as many as you can of push ups, squats, burpies, leg raises, sit ups, bicep curls ( with bags os sugar) after each one i have a 45 second rest and do the whole thing 3 times then a warm down walk and plenty of streching. Then on excersise day 3 go for a longer run, up beat music, i wrot a bolg about running to music as i found a web site that works out your running speed into music beats so you can find the correct tempo music to run to, and differant route, this may break the monotany and give you the spark to egnite your motivation again. Good luck with your goal YOU CAN DO IT!!

Oh an your so lucky living by the coast, i would love to do early morning runs on a beach watching the sun rise it must be so tranquale an beautifull, embrace your suroundings and enjoy them Good luck and keep running.

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gypsydeppGraduate in reply to hacw

Thanks for all the info hacw.

Am going to run in the New Forest tomorrow and on the beach on Friday.

Curves is a ladies only gym that does a 30 minute circuit and they recommend 3x a week.

I was going for it big time but have decided to use it more for strength and flexibility rather than aerobics.

I love this site, all the help and support we get!

I will try your exercises.

Thanks again

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Hey there... I wondered if you managed your 5.5 miles by 55? Hope so! You realize you've set a precent don't you? 6 miles at 60?

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gypsydeppGraduate in reply to NewlifeLil


Yes I did 5.5@55!

That was 8/9/2013.

Fancy you remembering....

Have been fannying around a bit since and have now had sciatica for the last few weeks, but planning to get back out there tomorrow on a trial week one run.

How are you ? x

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NewlifeLilGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

Great to hear. Well done. I'm 55 too... enjoying being properly fit. I constantly battle with tight calves, and think I'm going to treat myself to a massage soon to see if I can turn them back from semi-solid to soft!

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