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Going backwards

Having not run for three weeks due to illness, lack of time/opportunity and generally feeling 'run down' (is that a pun?) I have decided to go back to Week 6 and repeat that. Having never done more than 1-2 runs a week this programme is taking me forever to complete and, whilst I have missed my goal of completing it by 10th August, and now probably by 10th November, I am not even bothering to set a time limit goal. I just want to finish the programme! So, this week, I am going back to week 6 and trying the shorter spells before re-tackling the 25 minute non-stop run. Disappointed to say the least, but physically do not feel up to going straight back out there and running 25 minutes when I hadn't even completed week 7 before. At the moment I am on seriously strong pain killers for a neck injury so that is also holding me back; hopefully by the end of this week I'll be back in the trainers!

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I'm glad it's not just me - I've been on this programme for ages - I was supposed to finish in august too, I'm still on week 8. I do around 2 runs a week and have just had a three week break - been away a week, and then a horrendous flu bug/cold... So I've gone back to week 7. I will finish this programme one day... Just keep running..


I've been on it for eight weeks but I've just finished week five. I had to repeat week one, I had a week off for my shins and then I repeated week three. I was gutted to be 'behind' but I'm not too worried now. Keep going! X


I'm the same shin splints seen me off for 3 wks then holidays. We are still running and proving (quite shockingly for me as I normally give up) we are in It got the long term and even though its taken longer than 9 wks we are fitter healthier and more toned each wk :-) x

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Every run is a good run, no matter how tough, I took July off due to Injury and I reckon it took me most of August to get back to where I was, but with a bit of bloody mindness I did it ;-)


I too am in the same boat but you are not going backwards. Every run is a run forwards.

I went from sitting on my bum bemoaning my lot to running 90 secs, then 2mins, then 5, then 8, 20 and up to 25mins but I'm back now to 8mins again but the point is that I'm running and I'm doing it regularly, when life allows me, and more often than not 3 times a week.This is an achievement in itself.

You and I will finish this programme. It can be disappointing to practically start over but looking at the bigger picture we are exercising. This is so very important.

Just keep going.


I'm a bit concerned about you running at all with a neck injury. It is bound to make you hold your head oddly, which will put your spine out, and make you run awkwardly and inevitably make it really hard work. If you are feeling rough, be gentle on yourself. Perhaps walking would be better - just enough to raise the heart rate? And forget goals - except for getting better and being kind to yourself.


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