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Going backwards not forwards.

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I've gone back to running Wk3 as Wk4 has me defeated. Three times I tried to run Wk4 but I just couldn't do those final 3 minutes of the last 5min run. The last time I had to stop completely as I thought I was going to pass out.

I usually struggle for the first couple of runs in a new week but then my body gets used to it and I see improvement. It usually takes me 2 or 3 weeks to finally manage to complete the runs but I do it. There was no improvement in wk4. I just got worse and hated it more and more.

I've gone back to Wk3 to make sure I don't lose the fitness I've gained so far and have had no trouble. I've tried changing the time of day I run. If I jog any slower I'll be walking. Wk4 now looks like a looming barrier that I don't feel like I can face.

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I think you are doing the right thing CMK - perhaps repeat week 3 and then try week four again.

Try not to think too much about it - easy to say I know! - as it could be a mental barrier getting in your way. Perhaps you could try creating a transition week between week 3 and 4 by modifying week 3 e.g. adding 30 seconds to 1 minute onto the 3 minute run, and gradually build it up over a few runs. That way you'll see that you're still making progress but just making the steps smaller and more achievable. You can do it - stick at it and keep positive. Good luck.

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BeadsGraduate in reply to Cheery_runner61

This! Do week 3.5 or something. If I remember correctly week 3 is 2 x 90 secs and 2 x 3 minutes, week 4 is 2 x 3 minutes and 2 x 5 minutes. Try doing 4 x 3 minute runs, then increase the last run to 5 minutes, that way your fall back position is 4 x 3 minute runs again. When 3, 3, 3, 5 is ok go back to week 4 proper. It doesn't matter if you take extra weeks.

Don't give up, I am not too sure if this will help but on some of the runs I planned (and jogged) a route which has a slight downhill gradient. I think it takes some of the stress off the body, in the following runs you can change up the route if necessary. I have found this very helpful and I have reached the point where I start week 8 today, I am still at the “if I jog any slower I will be heading backwards” stage, but I figure I will work on speed after I master endurance. Keep at it.

Thank you everyone. Right now it has become a mental block and I'm afraid of trying again, which sounds very silly, I know.

I will try and change my route. At the moment there is an incline when I run the last two runs. One of the problems when your destination is on the top of a hill. The transition week also sounds like a good idea. Thanks again

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Don't panic - you can do it. A different route can be a great refresher. Make sure you're well fuelled and hydrated before you run. Let us know how you get on - just have faith in Laura to get you to the end :-)

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It doesn't matter if you run at walking speed. Slow it right down and you will easily finish.

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