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Going backwards!

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Hi 👋 I’m currently on w7 and have been for weeks! I’m not getting anywhere and I’m losing my enthusiasm so much so that I dread going the gym 😩 I can’t seem to get past this week and don’t manage to do continuous running but have to walk then run throughout the whole 25 mins Shall I give up or carry on?

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You should carry on!

Maybe try something different. There’s a 25 minute guided run by headspace on the Nike app that distracts you from the act of running and gets rave reviews... maybe try something like that as a way of relaxing more?

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Cmon don’t give up you have worked sooo hard to get where you are.

Can I ask are you running to fast and maybe need to slow your pace?

Do you focus on your music when you’re running?. I know when I’m struggling I really focus on the music I’m listening to and it really helps me.

You can do this ,dig deep

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You have come this far which means you have it in you to make it. Maybe run slower like in week one until you are comfortable again. Do not give up!

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You must not give up. Take a break from the programme but keep up with running and walking. Try spending a couple of weeks going beyond 25 minutes walking when you have to and run slow. Then take a whole week rest, no running. Then go back to week 6 and you'll crush week 7. Good luck and let us know how you get on

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Are you running on a treadmill? Could you run outside? You mention the gym? Slow and steady outside is much more fun!! 👟

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Lots of great support and advice already given, so I will just say, "please don't give up" it is worth it in the end, I promise ... however follow the advice given and try something a little different. You know what they say 'a change is as good as a rest'. Oh, and smile...you can do it 🙂🐬

Running for that length of time on a treadmill would be enough to challenge most people.........try the big outdoors.

Fresh air, constantly changing scenery and all your senses stimulated, makes the time fly by. Try it.

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If you're on week 7 then you've done week 6 run 3 so you CAN run for 25 minutes because you've done it before. A few days' rest might help but don't stop altogether - you've gone from zero to 25 in six weeks so you can certainly make it to 30. The cure for tiredness is not surrender, it's rest. Take a few days off then go again.

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Can’t see any sign of getting beyond week 1 yet myself ! Give yourself a break, Ducky. Personally I’d go back to week 5 and repeat up from there, aiming to relax, enjoy and find the pace that works best for you. Well done for not giving up ! 🏅

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Keep going, but start much slower at the beginning of your run, and stay as slow as you can - that way your confidence should have a chance to come back. Also I wonder if you’re hydrated enough before you start - have a large glass of water just before you begin, and also some food - I have cereal with sugar on it before a morning run - not my recommended long term diet but better than bonking (as cyclists put it) at some point in the run.

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Do NOT give up. You have done the toughest bit. Get off the treadmill and run outside. I did weeks 1 and 2 on the treadmill but the outside is so much better.

Ducky don’t give up!! You’ve done the majority of the programme - why put all that hard work to waste?

Is there any way you could run outside to make it less boring? Different scenery, different terrain, fresh air? If not, how about a new killer playlist/podcast? Something to motivate you?

Also try slowing right down to make the runs achievable. Maybe you’re over-taxing yourself. Running really is fun - I’m sure you’ve read all the euphoric posts on here.

We’re here to help, and we’ll be cheering you on! Go on Ducky, you’ve got this! 👏👏👏👏👏

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I agree with Ang33333... running on a treadmill would create a frustrated monster in me, I would be so demotivated and bored. Try outside, it’s brill. Don’t give up though, just change the routine. Good luck.

No don't give up you can get thru it .

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Go back and repeat weeks 5 and 6 - these are the foundation blocks for week 7. If you can repeat and improve performance on these weeks (which you should on basis of week 7 repeats) then when you get back to trying week 7 you should crack it.

Years ago (pre kids) I did more running and the way to improve times and endurance was shorter and sharper runs and intermittent sprints (so similar to couch to 5k with intermittent walk / run), and focussing on getting these right then enabled me to go longer on the weekends

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