Deep end?

Deep end?

After a long discussion with my running mate. I decided to go to my first 5K Parkrun next Saturday. Talk about jumping in at the deep end! He assured me that he will pace me and help improve my running technique. For someone who is still in Week 4, this is a massive step up. I will still continue to follow the couch to 5K programme and I won't use this as one of my scheduled runs. It just means I will finish the programme later than expected.


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  • Mmmmm. Week 4 is not about massive step ups though. Week four is nowhere near 5k either

    Jumping the gun is what it sounds like and it worries me that you will do too much too soon

    Only you know how fit and strong you are though But take care! Walk if it gets too much

    The whole idea of the programme is to get to 30 minutes straight running in 9 weeks. If you are going to short circuit the process, but are not ready, you could hurt yourself

    Sorry to nag but I worry 😩

  • I know what you mean. I will definitely be walking. So far, I'm not breathless when I run so there's a positive. I'm hoping that I can see the course and slowly work up to running it properly after the nine weeks.

  • Well, that is a bonus. Most of us heave and puff our way round the whole nine weeks πŸ˜ƒ

  • I don't feel I've met me threshold yet. I have a sneaky suspicion it will be Week 5 Run 3. I know I can run for 15 minutes before I get tired but anything past that is a chore.

  • I would do it but use it as one of your scheduled runs. Put on the podcast and walk run your way round. Plenty of people do.

  • Brilliant idea. Thanks.

  • Good luck... Hope you enjoy the run

  • Slow and steady and walk some of it :)

  • Oh I will do. No way can I run it. I want to see the course layout and start using the park as my C25K course.

  • Well done... and I know you will be sensible! ( Too many years as a teacher.. sorry :))

  • πŸ˜€

  • So do it!! Just run your program in the park run and see what is all about. You are only in competition with yourself. Use it as part of your programme for sure. Register and I'd suggest contacting the Facebook for your group. There will be many people at your level but they too are also shy! I'm at week 7 r2 and I did my first one today, a month earlier than planned and I'm so glad I did. You'll love it. Just go with an open mind and stick to your own plan

  • Thanks for the advice. I'm going for it. I will follow the programme and see what else I can do between walks. I usually run further when I am with others. I ran a 10k without training a few years ago and I felt the community spirit kept me going. Luckily, I will a pro runner with me to help pace me safely.

  • You'll be great. I started back up at Parkrun at about week 4 or 5 after coming back from injury. The tough thing is not to get too caught up in the excitement and overdo it. At least, that's the problem I have. I countered this with planned walk breaks, either by setting a timer or by landmarks as I've done the route many times before. I also try and start intentionally slow, as that's the easiest place to get too excited.

    Let us know how it goes.

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