Chubby runner

Wow you all sound so fit! I am on week 2 14 stone, so its hard work, my ankles are complaining (as I would if I was being made to carry me!) Would ankle supports help? Maybe I should get knee ones too! I hurt more on my days rest than on my running days. I do my runs on a treadmill as I am ashamed to pound the pavement, but when I have finished im going to buy a pair of pro running shoes and get out there! Any "chubby runners" on here that feel my pain ?😂😂


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15 Replies

  • Don't worry! You are in the right place 😃

    Loads of us started fresh off the couch as chubsters, me included. I have ditched nearly five stones since tying my then-new running shoes 🙂 You can too if you stick with the programme and watch what you eat and drink

    Don't eat any extra grub for this though. No extra fuel you get beyond 10k

    It's a great programme and will get you moving. Do it SLOWLY. No need for speed

    Have fun 🙂

  • Thanks misswobble! I always said I would only ever run if dinosaurs ruled the earth, but it feels good! Im not bothered by my weight, I just want to be fitter, if I lose some chub then thats good! Thanks for help!

  • Hi Dibblet,

    Welcome to c25k and first of all well done for choosing to make a change!

    The pain on rest days, is that muscular or joints? The rest days are important as this is when the muscles repair from the damage of the running days, don't worry the damage and repair is a good thing, this is how muscles are built up, and is what we want. This pain, as you go through the programme and your body adjusts to this new fangled concept of running is, should reduce and hopefully go away. If it is joints then, I would definitely recommend getting supports, and least until your body adjusts and maybe some weight is lost.

    Also must add that weight loss won't happen just from running, needs diet and lifestyle changes too.

    All that said, good luck with c25k, you will read from this forum many journeys of running, many heavier and larger people than you.

    Be positive, you can do this. Post your progress, ask for help, stick to the plan and change your life for the better.

    You can do this!

  • Hello, and well done for getting onto week 2! It's surprising how much progress you can make in relatively little time, provided you don't overdo it, so don't be deterred. Everyone has to start out as a beginner.

    You mentioned that you are going to buy a pair of good running shoes later. I was wondering - are you sure the shoes you're using now are adequate? I know you said you are running on a treadmill but I assume you will still need to be in the right footwear. This could make a real difference to your ankles and knees.

    Take things steady and I'm sure you'll be ok.

  • Thanks Helene, we actually have a running shop here that will test you for the right shoe for you, so may get myself there next week

  • I'm a fatty too! And just starting Week 2. I'm 13 stone 10, which disgusts me. I'm running outside though, and I don't care what people think of me. I assume most of them think 'good for her, hauling her fat self out and trying'.

    I have running shoes which I have had for at least 10 years.

    My knees ache but don't hurt, more worrying is my calf that I tore a muscle in last year.

    Away from running, I cycle to work every day- about 4 miles a day, so I've started to do more cycling on 'rest' days- about 10 miles a day, so an additional 40 miles a week. I'm hoping the extra cardio might help weight loss and strengthen my knees without the impact of running.

    After the summer holidays I'm going try and make the necessary dietary changes to actively lose weight, but am picking my battles at the moment!

  • Aww don't been "disgusted" I lost a LOT of weight, and its not the answer we think it is, be happy, be healthy and live yourself a bit more! I just want to be healthy, im not arsed about my size! Thanks for tge support!

  • Chubby runner here too! I agree with HeleneCorsa that you should invest in good trainers sooner rather than later. I'm surprisingly pain free at the moment, and I weigh a good bit more than you. I would kill to be the 13 st 10 that disgusts ElBlanco!

  • Well supposed im used to failing and im avuiding commiting....oh and gotta pay the electric bill😂 but I may get them next week

  • Carrying less weight does help the running, and I can tell if I'm hauling any extra around these days

    I got rid of much of it by just walking more in general and not sitting about snacking 🙂

  • I'm carrying plenty of chub too! I have just completed WK1R2 (with lots of huffing and puffing!). I too feel more pain on rest days but I'm hoping that will ease as my body gets used to running (the pains also remind me of how well I have done to get through my last run so I almost appreciate them!).

    I'm hoping I'll be in your position and starting week 2 on Monday. Happy running. :-)

  • Yeay! I feel better on my training days! As you say I just feel good to be doing it, a plus side effect is my skin is great! All the sweating and beetroot red blood circulating to my face😉

  • I'm rerunning the program after returning from injury and one of my friends that I'm doing it with is heavier and he's experiencing some pains, in his case mostly shin splints. We just take the program as it goes, repeating some weeks as we need to, adding extra stretches, and he takes extra rest days if he needs. You can tinker with the program as it suits you if you have any problems - this is the case for all of us.

    Happy running, and I hope you can get outside and enjoy the scenery on your runs soon.

  • Listen to misswobble !!!

    Go you....healthy eating regime and this programme.. and us !!! You are going to be so glad you found us!!

    Fitness in mind and body will follow...take your time and do listen to your body. Yes, it will complain.... but you will know the difference between pain and just aches and pains!

    Now... I can understand it...... but never, ever feel ashamed!!! You are doing this.. your choice.... and that is simply amazing!

    You will be out there, probably before you finish.. out there, running, smiling and feeling good!

    Welcome :)

  • Don't be ashamed as your are not the only chubster. I am nearly 16 stone and like you I use the treadmill but becareful you don't start getting bored. Some days I do and have considered getting outside to do my runs. Enjoy it and have fun. It hurts on the down days but good on the running days. Take my hat of to everyone who starts this. Now keep looking ahead.

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