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Watch out for black ice😱


Well eventful run!!! Total 4.1miles! 3.5k run 2.2k uphill all the way walk home plus my 5mins warm up walk!! Not bad considering i fell in the first 2 mins!! Decided to try road as pavements slippy & road had black ice so fell with a clatter scrapped knee & all muddy!! So close to going back home but thought no keep going! &ignore the gremlins 😂 now ive noticed ive cracked my new phone!!!! Mmm.. & running supposed to be good for you😂😂on the bright side😂😂3rd run of week done!! Im awarding myself a medal for perseverance 😂x not sure how to get photos correct way round 😀But it was a lovely crisp morning "slippy " in gorebridge 😊Happy less eventful running 🏃 to everyone 😊

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Where do you live? It's beautiful

Pc59Graduate in reply to Gruffalow

This is a photo of the pentland hills in Edinburgh my son lives down here so i always take my running gear with me when i visit as its nice to run here! Ok a lot if downhills but I still have to go uphill to get hone😂😂hence i walk most of it as not an experienced runner 😊


Well done, you perseverer you! Hope your knee forgives you.

Roll on spring though. :)

Pc59Graduate in reply to AnneDroid

O I know 😊Light nights & mornings & no frost! Cracked my phone screen too & new phone! Fortunately knee just crazed could have been a lot worse! 😊


You certainly deserve a medal. As well as soak in a hot bath.

Hope it's just a graze and you've not pulled or strained anything.

I hope your next one is less eventful.

All the best.

Pc59Graduate in reply to wanawig

I hope not too as just getting back into it and I was determined to get third run in!! Poor phone screen is cracked though & just got it😞


Well done and ouch... falling on ice is not good.. I stay indoors when it is icy.. but the black ice is sneaky!

It got me after graduation and I ended up ice skating down the lane :)

Beautiful photograph too :)

Pc59Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

O I was certainly shocked as road was black so I stupidly thought sun had melted the frost on the road! Lucky there was no cars coming as it's a busy road!! So I'm going to look at trainers that might be less slippery!! Though hopefully better weather this week! Pilates tomorrow inside😂😂


Yay you've managed your 3 runs! Well done! I have visions of you sliding like Bambi on the ice (you can tell I work with 4 year olds!). Those gremlins got a beating there, bet they thought you'd give up! My run was a little shorter than planned as I found my route took me in the midst of a 10 mile organised run lol! Even after 10 miles they were zooming past me! I lost confidence and my gremlins cheered as I stopped. But hey, at least I got out and managed almost 20 mins. Xx

Pc59Graduate in reply to Von99

Here Von 99 ever run is a bonus at this time of year so well done you!! Trust me think more dumbo than bambi😂😂😂 but I was so close to going home & I kept thinking this will make it 2 weeks of 3 runs ! So squashed the gremlins when I fell on them😂😂but I was chuffed with myself for getting up and continuing as it was still icy but I really watched where I was stepping!! Was glad to get home though! Vexed I cracked the screen on my new phone though! X


Ow!!! You poor thing :( Naughty sneaky black ice. Hope your scrapes heal up soon.

Pc59Graduate in reply to loisamelia

Aye they are healing a bruise appearing but more vexed of cracked screen on phone!! But tennis again better than my bones!! Indoors for Pilates tomorrow 😂Safer😂


Well done for keeping going... I think I would have hobbled home. I'm dreading catching some ice...I fell flat on my back a few years ago in Durham in snow lol... On a hill someone had dumped an empty grit bag and I didn't see it cos if the snow on top and my feet just went and I slammed down on my back, no injuries thank God but apparently my head just missed a kerb so I got lucky.

Pc59Graduate in reply to MotherPip

Here I felt lucky too as usually a busy road! Cars could have round the corner!! So all in all lucky! Left the squashed gremlins for cars 😂😂


Oh Well done you for carrying on ! Icy here too first thing , so I didn't venture out until dinner time.

Glad you enjoyed it in the end and I hope your knee is okay . Beautiful photos :-) xxx

Pc59Graduate in reply to poppypug

Yes it wAs lovely in the end & so pleased I'd got 3rd run in for the week!! Il get back to that 5k yet then 10k😊😊😊


Well done on getting your three runs in - way to go! Oops re ice, hope you're ok and just a grazed knee, even though that sounds painful (I would have probably laid there and cried!). Beautiful pic btw. Oh and well done on squishing those gremlins! Went out myself today - much more successful than last time, but only two runs this week :-(

Pc59Graduate in reply to CarolStr

Here carol that's still good as not easy fitting these 3days in at this time of year especially in cold weather so well done to all us that ventured out!! 🏃😊🏃👏

Ouch😬 Phones are expensive😬😬😬😬

At least you're ok😀

Pc59Graduate in reply to Jalapenolover101

I know but you right I could have cracked bones which would have been lot worse!!!!

Jalapenolover101Graduate in reply to Pc59

Thank god for the nhs😉

Hopefully the weather will start to warm soon, like you say, at least it wasn't a bone😱 Good luck with the next run and hoping you have better weather😀

Pc59Graduate in reply to Jalapenolover101

Forecast good tomorrow😊Or better so decided to take an extra rest day as did Pilates last night. Happy running 🏃😊🏃


When we had black ice last week, I decided to run on the grass. The park is only a minute away, so I gingerly walked there and then ran around the park. Mind you, it did get boring after the fourth lap (it's only a small park), but at least I was safe from ice.

Pc59Graduate in reply to tizzicat

I must remember that! The park at my sons is a wee bit away & have to run on pavements to get there but I did run round it as that was a better option than the 2.2k uphill which I walked up at the end after running 3.5k😀


Gorgeous pic! Hope you're ok after your fall, you did well to carry on.

Pc59Graduate in reply to melly4012

A bit sore today but went to Pilates which fair helped. Instead of left glute sore both were😀! Think right one was where I fell these gremlins I squashed are pretty hard😂😂😂

Oh dear Pc59, I have just found your post. Falling over can really shake you up and hurt!!😯

Yes , extra medal for your perseverance, you are a strong dedicated runner and not even black ice will foil your run ..😊xxx

Glad you are ok, please be careful and sorry to hear you cracked your phone. Peskey Gremlins.😉

Hi I was born in Edinburgh. Gorgie Primary school before moving to sunny Longstone. We would walk & cycle up the Pents! G56

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