Watch out for black ice😱

Watch out for black ice😱

Well eventful run!!! Total 4.1miles! 3.5k run 2.2k uphill all the way walk home plus my 5mins warm up walk!! Not bad considering i fell in the first 2 mins!! Decided to try road as pavements slippy & road had black ice so fell with a clatter scrapped knee & all muddy!! So close to going back home but thought no keep going! &ignore the gremlins 😂 now ive noticed ive cracked my new phone!!!! Mmm.. & running supposed to be good for you😂😂on the bright side😂😂3rd run of week done!! Im awarding myself a medal for perseverance 😂x not sure how to get photos correct way round 😀But it was a lovely crisp morning "slippy " in gorebridge 😊Happy less eventful running 🏃 to everyone 😊

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  • Where do you live? It's beautiful

  • This is a photo of the pentland hills in Edinburgh my son lives down here so i always take my running gear with me when i visit as its nice to run here! Ok a lot if downhills but I still have to go uphill to get hone😂😂hence i walk most of it as not an experienced runner 😊

  • Well done, you perseverer you! Hope your knee forgives you.

    Roll on spring though. :)

  • O I know 😊Light nights & mornings & no frost! Cracked my phone screen too & new phone! Fortunately knee just crazed could have been a lot worse! 😊

  • You certainly deserve a medal. As well as soak in a hot bath.

    Hope it's just a graze and you've not pulled or strained anything.

    I hope your next one is less eventful.

    All the best.

  • I hope not too as just getting back into it and I was determined to get third run in!! Poor phone screen is cracked though & just got it😞

  • Well done and ouch... falling on ice is not good.. I stay indoors when it is icy.. but the black ice is sneaky!

    It got me after graduation and I ended up ice skating down the lane :)

    Beautiful photograph too :)

  • O I was certainly shocked as road was black so I stupidly thought sun had melted the frost on the road! Lucky there was no cars coming as it's a busy road!! So I'm going to look at trainers that might be less slippery!! Though hopefully better weather this week! Pilates tomorrow inside😂😂

  • Yay you've managed your 3 runs! Well done! I have visions of you sliding like Bambi on the ice (you can tell I work with 4 year olds!). Those gremlins got a beating there, bet they thought you'd give up! My run was a little shorter than planned as I found my route took me in the midst of a 10 mile organised run lol! Even after 10 miles they were zooming past me! I lost confidence and my gremlins cheered as I stopped. But hey, at least I got out and managed almost 20 mins. Xx

  • Here Von 99 ever run is a bonus at this time of year so well done you!! Trust me think more dumbo than bambi😂😂😂 but I was so close to going home & I kept thinking this will make it 2 weeks of 3 runs ! So squashed the gremlins when I fell on them😂😂but I was chuffed with myself for getting up and continuing as it was still icy but I really watched where I was stepping!! Was glad to get home though! Vexed I cracked the screen on my new phone though! X

  • Ow!!! You poor thing :( Naughty sneaky black ice. Hope your scrapes heal up soon.

  • Aye they are healing a bruise appearing but more vexed of cracked screen on phone!! But tennis again better than my bones!! Indoors for Pilates tomorrow 😂Safer😂

  • Well done for keeping going... I think I would have hobbled home. I'm dreading catching some ice...I fell flat on my back a few years ago in Durham in snow lol... On a hill someone had dumped an empty grit bag and I didn't see it cos if the snow on top and my feet just went and I slammed down on my back, no injuries thank God but apparently my head just missed a kerb so I got lucky.

  • Here I felt lucky too as usually a busy road! Cars could have round the corner!! So all in all lucky! Left the squashed gremlins for cars 😂😂

  • Oh Well done you for carrying on ! Icy here too first thing , so I didn't venture out until dinner time.

    Glad you enjoyed it in the end and I hope your knee is okay . Beautiful photos :-) xxx

  • Yes it wAs lovely in the end & so pleased I'd got 3rd run in for the week!! Il get back to that 5k yet then 10k😊😊😊

  • Well done on getting your three runs in - way to go! Oops re ice, hope you're ok and just a grazed knee, even though that sounds painful (I would have probably laid there and cried!). Beautiful pic btw. Oh and well done on squishing those gremlins! Went out myself today - much more successful than last time, but only two runs this week :-(

  • Here carol that's still good as not easy fitting these 3days in at this time of year especially in cold weather so well done to all us that ventured out!! 🏃😊🏃👏

  • Ouch😬 Phones are expensive😬😬😬😬

    At least you're ok😀

  • I know but you right I could have cracked bones which would have been lot worse!!!!

  • Thank god for the nhs😉

  • Hopefully the weather will start to warm soon, like you say, at least it wasn't a bone😱 Good luck with the next run and hoping you have better weather😀

  • Forecast good tomorrow😊Or better so decided to take an extra rest day as did Pilates last night. Happy running 🏃😊🏃

  • When we had black ice last week, I decided to run on the grass. The park is only a minute away, so I gingerly walked there and then ran around the park. Mind you, it did get boring after the fourth lap (it's only a small park), but at least I was safe from ice.

  • I must remember that! The park at my sons is a wee bit away & have to run on pavements to get there but I did run round it as that was a better option than the 2.2k uphill which I walked up at the end after running 3.5k😀

  • Gorgeous pic! Hope you're ok after your fall, you did well to carry on.

  • A bit sore today but went to Pilates which fair helped. Instead of left glute sore both were😀! Think right one was where I fell these gremlins I squashed are pretty hard😂😂😂

  • Oh dear Pc59, I have just found your post. Falling over can really shake you up and hurt!!😯

    Yes , extra medal for your perseverance, you are a strong dedicated runner and not even black ice will foil your run ..😊xxx

    Glad you are ok, please be careful and sorry to hear you cracked your phone. Peskey Gremlins.😉

  • Hi I was born in Edinburgh. Gorgie Primary school before moving to sunny Longstone. We would walk & cycle up the Pents! G56

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