Forgot to press start...😬

Forgot to press start...😬

Well it was freezing cold tonight all wrapped up in cosy leggings 2 layers snood thing(discovered through this marvellous forum it's called a buff😀) & bright pink hat!! Il tell u it wAs some sight😂😂changed days from when I worried about people seeing me!! I couldn't care now as im sure im a lot fitter than before! Anyway i did a bit longer walking to warm up then started my running o it was hard going & i thought i havent heard my nice lady telling me id done 5 mins 😊Checked my runkeeper & i hadnt pressed start😬😬 so made sure i did and !!! And kept running trust me all over the place inclines & all (flossie22not sure what artistic shape it was😀) Was chuffed to bits did 5k so reckon probably 5.5k😄😄time much the same but its still 5k second one now!! Just to get 1 more run in to make my goal of 3 a week!!! Happy running all my fellow runners😊😊 brr.... cold though!

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  • Well done on getting out there Phyllis, and glad to hear you've now done two of the three 5km runs you wanted to complete in this week. One more to go...keep it going! :) x

  • Well done! You're putting me to shame- you're doing brilliantly! it started hailing just as I was getting ready so yet again I chickened out! Going to try and get out on Sunday. It will be a whole week since last trot!

  • I had a good few days break last week only got 2 runs in but so hard to get out in the dark cold nights at least we might both get out in day light on Sunday!! Let's go for it....😊😊😊x

  • I decided to go for it! Went out this morning and ran 4K. It started hailing at one point which wasn't much fun, but I feel so much better for having gone out. Going to try really hard this week to get back to 3 runs a week. Thanks for your support.

  • We will keep each other going & well done on your run😊Not easy in this weather so we must be keen😀😀x

  • I've just seen your map "New Elgin", do you think that's where my marbles have gone? 😂😂 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️ Great running, despite the cold 👌🏻 😊

  • Well it very well could be😂😂guess what when I'm on my haphazard tour of Elgin il look out for them!! These days you never know where I will be😂😂x

  • Sounds brilliant! I don't care what I look like these days either - not even with red face and hair everywhere. Is New Elgin near Elgin?

  • Yes it is in Elgin just an area like bishopmill is on one side of Elgin & new Elgin on opposite! To confuse things the area I live in is called little Canada!!!😊😊😊all in Elgin😀x

  • I know from Parkruns in the cold that after 10 minutes in I am quite warm. An experience runner once said to dress as if it is 10 degrees warmer than it actually is to compensate for warming up during the run, it is just the hopping around before the run that you feel the cold.

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