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Week 5, run 3... Incoming

I've made it to the scariest one of all. When you first download the app and scroll through, this is the one that grabs your attention...

I did run 2 successfully, but 8 minutes was a real struggle so I'm not sure if I'll last twenty. My runs also seem to be getting slower. Around the end of week 3 I managed 3.6km, now I average 3.1. I'll be surprised if I make it to 3km on the next run. While I know it's not about speed, I'm concerned that I'm barely running at all, it's more like a very brisk walk. And I can breathe he okay, but my legs really ache and that's that slows me down.

Anyone have any advice on this? It'd be appreciated.

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Believe in yourself, believe in the program, it really does work. Like most I was dreading this run, to finish it gave me a huge buzz and an overwhelming sense of pride (and relief lol).

Slow and steady, really pace doesn't matter at this stage, one thing I have noticed, while doing the longer runs I've been playing with stride length amd find my legs feel much happier if I really stride out, downside is my lungs can't keep up with them, so finish the program (you will, honest) first. Then you can play about with all sorts of other stuff, anyway I'm waffling, don't be scared of this run, just enjoy the feeling you'll get when you've finished it, it really is immensely satisfying.


Nope, you are doing it all right! The distance will fluctuate depending on the way the run/walk intervals are set up on each run. You also do need to be slowing down as the runs get longer in order to get through them. If there are any particular muscles that ache when running could be worth finding some stretches to do if you don't already?

Slow is the way forward, especially for the next one. You can do it, you really can! :)


sound a bit like me, sorry i can't give advice bc I am waiting for some of my own!!


It may be at the speed of a very brisk walk but you are using different muscles and building up Running stamina :)

Don't overthink it - it's one foot in front of the other and not mixing up Gremlin-Think with Facts :)

Anyone who gets this far can go on to graduate, believe me :)

You may, like me, have to take a few Practice runs at this or other stages - but trust the programme. Dang few graduate "on time with distance" so don't put any extra stress on yourself that way :)

Once you are actually running, you will remember the fun part and all you've picked up to now - and then just relax and enjoy running at your own pace, in your own time :)

I graduated months ago and it takes me almost forty minutes to do 5K - and if you had told me when I started the programme I'd be a tad dissapointed with that someday I literally would not have believed it - bet you will sometimes feel that feeling about YOUR 5K times sooner than you think too :)

Best wishes and happy running ☺

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Thank you everyone! I can report that I did it... Slowly, and groaning a bit at 11 minutes in but then I got to halfway and thought if I made it that far I may as well keep going. I can't believe I could go from being unable tun for 60 seconds six weeks ago to running 20 minutes! I'm so happy right now. I felt like dancing like Rocky, but there were people around... :)


Great stuff, well done.


Me too....a bit of a victory run round the lounge, it is then?!


Well done Carillo...😊

Maybe try running outside now its getting warmer/lighter evenings the weekend. Then you won't have to worry about clock watching or setting speed you can slow down speed up as you need to.

You are doing brilliantly..slow is good.😊


I run outside when I'm at work, as there's a nice route that doesn't require crossing any roads (I can take a long lunch as long as I log it on my timesheet) and when I'm travelling (work again) but where I live is a bit boring for running... It's a nice enough area, suburban, but I'm not a fan of running where there's lots of roads/cars or lots of people. I plan on going to the park some weekends, though.

I think I prefer the treadmill because I get bored very easily and have discovered that I can read and run (kindle, blu-tack, some funny looks) but that really helps distract me!

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