5km Recovery run (oh and I've finally signed up for the HM!)

Hi all,

First things first, after my 10 mile run on Sunday I finally signed up for the HM, I had delayed by long enough and didn't have any excuses left after Sunday's run.

Today's run was a recovery run because I'm still getting over Sundays run. I ran the 5km in just under 5km and it wasn't that easy, but I guess running 2 days after a 10 mile isn't meant to be.

It was raining heavily today and it was the first time I have run in this type of weather. I put a long sleeve compression top on and a t-shirt on top, that kept me comfortable. However my glasses fogged up and was covered in water so I was half blind my the end!

On a separate note I sent an email to everyone at work to ask for sponsorship for my HM run and included my weight loss in the past year (27kgs). I sent it to a few overseas colleagues and by chance was on the phone to an Irish colleague based in Germany. Half way through our call he must have read my email and said "Bloody hell Aftab, 27kgs lost in less than a year", unfortunately for him I had put him on speakerphone by then and a dozen people heard him! I had to tell him he was on speaker and that we could discuss my weight loss later!

Anyway 8km to run on Thursday.

Here is a link to my run:



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26 Replies

  • Well done on the recovery run! I don't run anywhere near as far as you but can imagine the muscles would be a bit tender after a 10 miler!

    I'm chuckling about the speakerphone incident but I think you should be shouting from the rooftops about your weightless so it was quite appropriate really! :-) It's such a great achievement! Well done

  • Walking up and down the stairs today was a bit difficult and by the last km the legs were very heavy, but I feel good now!

  • Recovery ? That would be flat out for me (5k pb 29:11) ! Well done. Which HM are you planning ?

  • There is a HM in Brentwood. It is 6 laps of a 3.5km course in Weald Park. I don't think it'll be the most glamorous HM but it is a year after I started to sort my health out so I thought it would be a good one to tackle!

  • It's nice to do one on a special day. I don't like the idea of laps ('cos of the idea it will feel monotonous) but it will probably make it easier to pace yourself. I'm sure you'll be great, just remember to enjoy it all :-)

  • Well done on signing up for hm im sure it will be a breeze for you your doing so well as long as no rain I have that same fogged glasses issue lol not good x

  • Thanks! My car has a heated windscreen, I think glasses need this technology!

  • Omg yes so does my car maybe ill ask next time im in specsavers x

  • I find a sun visor is a really good thing to wear in rain - the peak helps to keep the rain out of your eyes, so I expect it would shield your glasses a bit too. They are more comfortable to wear than a cap when it is warm and raining. Something like this: ebay.co.uk/itm/270998142589...

  • Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Congratulation on finally making the inevitable ;-) decision and signing up for your HM, you'll do grand with all the training you're doing. Good luck

  • Thanks!

  • Hey Aftab. Same experience for me. 10+m run at weekend and very stiff 5k tonight. Couldn't see a thing either. Must get home before the daylight disappears...

  • I'm thinking of either running without my glasses or wearing a visor as recommended above. Either is preferable to running with fogged up glasses!

  • Many congratulations Aftabs, not only for your most recent successful runs, nor for putting your name forward for the Half Marathon, but for the joyful giggles you gave me when I imagined the announcements on the corporate phone system re your weight loss :D

    Betchya your kudos at work will only be enhanced as a result!

    Now enjoy a little rest of glory, and await the promotion letter ;)

    Cheers, Linda

  • Thanks! I visit the Nordic countries for work and it is always nice when they notice the weight loss.

  • Well, Aftabs, I've been keeping my eye on you for a while (and I think you on me) and I'm pleased and proud for you. Both on losing that weight and getting to the stage you're at with your running, the two of us have a pretty similar story. but I think you're much better than me and you'll absolutely smash the half marathon distance - you nearly did one last weekend ...

    Go for it - put your best feet forward and reach for those stars!

  • Thanks! I think there are lots of us who had made this journey and this forum is a great place to get support.

    Your journey has been inspiring and your GNR feats are something for me to aspire to, well apart from the live blogging!

  • Well done you that's fantastic. Mentally it's so important to have that goal do signing up is significant. I'm getting very nervous about my HM in october, my brother in law who works at the Eden project where I'm doing it keeps telling me it's all uphill and there are wolves!!!!

  • Thanks! Re: the wolves, the positive spin is that if you are chased by any it'll help you speed up!

  • Aftabs, your dedication and discipline in getting your health issues under control are a true inspiration. We all watch your progress with awe and respect. Enjoy your running.

  • Thanks Ian!

  • Absolutely fantastic - for the 10 miler, the weight loss and signing up for the HM! You will smash it for sure!!

    Sue :)

  • Thanks Sue!

  • Goodness Aftabs you are going to nail this HM.

    My limit is 10k runs. However I squeezed in a 12.38km run today in some light rain and surprised myself. Together with my 10k on jog on Monday am really enjoying running right now like you.

    ps Have lost 9.9kg since June

  • Thanks! Well done on the weight loss, there are so many benefits to losing weight but the biggest was the extra energy I now have.

    Also each time I run a faster or longer distance I think that is my limit but I've managed to push on each time, so I'm sure you can too as you proved today!

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