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Wk5 R3

Amazing. I have never EVER run for 20 minutes before (not even at school) but I managed it this morning. Was very daunted at the prospect but took it slow and steady. did the first 10 min at 8kph, then the next 5 at 8.5, and the final 5 at 9.7.

Kinda chuffed and surprised at myself. Can't honestly say I'm loving the running (the breathing is the hardest part) but proud of the achievement.

(For the record, male 52 years old, not overweight but never really been fit)

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Great work!

When I took up running I didn't particularly enjoy it either, but it does come. That breathing will get easier and one day you'll think to yourself "I've done 2 miles already & I feel fine!"

Once you start to be able to run a bit without it feeling like a hardship then pretty soon you'll start to enjoy being out in the sunshine/moonlight or getting to places you never thought you could visit except by car.

Around 18 months ago, like you, I had also never run more than a mile in my life. And that was 30 years previously. This weekend I did 10 miles in less than 1h30 and it felt great. So long as you take it slowly enough not to get injured or downhearted you will continue to achieve more than you imagined you could and will soon find you are enjoying it too!

Well done - and stick with it.


I was dreading the full 20 min runs no break, but I think it's sometimes a mental barrier. Keep up with the plan and you will get there!


Nice one west4 (are you a Chiswick man?) - you're a runner now.


Congrats west4! Bet you sleep well tonight.



Well done. That's the biggie done and if you can run for 20 minutes you can run for 30. The breathing thing will settle down the more you run and one day you'll be in the middle of a run and realise that your breathing is normal! Honest.


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