Trust Issues!

I've just started week 5 and have been following the program exactly. I seen all the advice and even given it to people on earlier weeks than me but it looks like it's getting into crunch time to practice what I preach.

I've seen people talk about the end of week 5 and the beginning of week 6 and how tough it is. I've managed every run so far but half way round today I was so glad of the 3 minute walk to get my breath back it had me worrying about running past that place not stopping. Just need to give myself a pep talk I think:)!!!


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  • Reluctant we trust you to do it. You've just got to trust in you too. Get your head ready and the legs will follow. Be kind to yourself, go slow and steady and you'll kick Week 6 and all the others out of the park.

  • Hi reluctantrunner,

    Yes, these runs are doable, and you know what to do...

    Nice and slow and steady, especially at the start and let your legs take over. This is a special week and it can be a breakthrough week for breathing...

    Stay positive and you will do it. Go you😊..

  • You have been preparing yourself for this physically over the past 4 weeks so you CAN do this, this is now more a mental battle. As the two Jan's have said - just take it slowly and you will be fine. This is a really big week as it starts to change you into a runner. If you are worried about running past the place you stopped then look to change your route if you can (you may need to look to changing your route with the longer runs anyway).

  • A lot of people fear W5 because it takes them away from their comfort zone. W6 catches people out because they expect the return to intervals to be easier than the long run at the end of W5.

    Each week is a challenge. Every week I thought I was at the limit of my ability - and I probably was - but by the end of that week I was ready for the next step-up, and so are you.

    There's no easy weeks, and no weeks are a harder step-up than rest. We all have good runs and bad runs.

    The long runs are as much a mental test as they are physical. Don't ignore pain, but do ignore doubts (gremlins).

    And I think the best advice I can give you is to try and not think about the time. Waiting for someone to tell you to stop is the worst. Focus on something, anything else: can I reach that post box, what post will I put on here when I finish, etc, etc.

  • You can do it! End of week 6 was a shock to the system but get yourself into a nice smooth rhythm and off you go! You can do it!!

  • It can be tricky..sometimes runs can unnerve us...even after Jan-now-runs are ready for this...the runs get longer...but that let's you find your,comfy,pace...These two weeks can be like gremlins...out to get you.

    So..squish them with every slow step. Relax and let your running legs..which get stronger with run..take you through🙂

  • Thanks for all the advice. I can't help but smile when you all talk about gremlins. I'm gonna be running round now with images of Gizmo in my head. "Bright light, bright light". Showing my age there!!!

  • Think... really scary gremlins... they do take some squishing sometimes.. I am a mentor by day and a Gremlin chaser by night :) x

  • PS

    Love Gizmo :)

  • I felt just like you on week 5 and 6. I struggled mentally about completing longer runs but as the others have said you can absolutely do it. Start off very slow and steady and if you feel like it, increase your pace in the second half (I never did)!

  • You can do it - just trust the program! (I have been through it once, and am currently repeating it from week 5 as I know it will get me back to running for 30 minutes - it does work! :) )

  • I don't believe in gremlins but I do believe that we all limit ourselves by not having the courage to face a challenge about which there is nothing to fear. Doubting your ability to do something is the first stage in not being able to do it. It is you, not something or someone else creating the doubt.

    Should you not complete a run, you simply repeat it, getting stronger each time, until you complete it. What is there to fear?

    Believe in yourself. You are capable of doing amazing things. You can do it!

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