Week 5 looks scary!!

So today I completed week 4 run 3, and I feel pretty proud but also very wary as I've seen what's in store at the end of week 5!! I have read numerous posts on here about how people seem to be able to make it through the 20 minutes of continuous jogging so I'm hoping to break through this mental block I've got about this and have a bit of faith in myself. Week 4 has been really tough but very much worth it and I don't want to get completely psyched out by the big 20! Does anyone have any handy hints that might help? :)


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10 Replies

  • Yes. Ignore the gremlins. Run slowly. Trust Laura.

    And don't look ahead to future runs.

  • I was the exact same but it is always way harder in your head than when you are actually doing it. To be honest I fretted a week about it but then managed it more easily than some of the shorter runs. Take it easy and you'll be fine🙂 And as markyd said stop scaring yourself with future runs 🙂

  • Week 4 was the toughest week of the programme for me. In fact, I didn't even finish R3 because of a dodgy hip. But I went ahead and started week 5 anyway and I had the best week of the programme! I learned a trick in W5: instead of thinking "I have to run for x mins today" go into the run thinking "I'm GOING to run for x mins today". The confidence helps with the gremlins for sure.

    You're ready. Just remind yourself of that. Trust in the programme, and go slowly. Good luck!

  • As others have said, relax, take a breath and KNOW that the plan works. Also KNOW that your running plan is working. How far are you running compared to 4 weeks ago? Amazing isn't it.

    Week 5 is scary, but only mentally. Physically it is absolutely within your capabilities, you just need to relax, take a breath and go slow and steady.

    I look forward to hearing you completing week 5 in a weeks time :-).

  • Yes, stop looking ahead at what might happen. Just concentrate on the run immediately in front of you and don't sweat about the others.

    If you just go nice and steady you'll be fine. That's all there is to do! Oh and enjoy yourself and think about how life-changing this stuff is. Cos it is.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes. We have faith in you. You can do it!

  • One more tip: plan a new route, ideally with nice scenery (a lake or canal or the sea) or somewhere you've not been before. "Distraction technique"

  • Have faith in yourself and the programme.

    Start out slow and be prepared to go even slower. You will be ready for this so just dig in and put one foot in front of the other and go!

  • Just don't worry! Do what Laura says and she'll wave her magic wand and make it happen. Seriously, take it slowly and think how great it will feel to have done it. Good luck.

  • Week 4 was the hardest week for me. I really enjoyed Week 5 even though I was positively terrified to start it. The feeling after you complete Week 5 Run 3 will be amazing! Go for it!

  • Thanks so much everyone, I did w5r1 yesterday after a heavy day at work and thought it was going to be so hard but actually found it much better than week 4! This is all so far out of my comfort zone but I'm just going to trust the plan and do whatever Laura tells me :) mind over matter this week, roll on that amazing feeling after run 3 that everyone's talking about!

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