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I don't trust me but I trust you


I have just finished the first week and I wanted to share what I've learned, which is a lot. The FAQs are excellent and I now not only know that there's a thing called gait analysis but I also know where to go to get it done and where to get my new running shoes. I know that I need to drink more water and I know I need to get a routine, especially with my smartphone. A couple of days ago I got into a muddle and I kept the app open and when I put the phone in my pocket it turned it off (very sensitive these touch screens) and I ended up having to start again after having done a couple of extra little runs. I think I've got it sorted now. I am still struggling to get the pace right too but I expect that will also settle down. I have found out where the park run takes place where I can graduate but it seems a long way off in all senses of the word. I still can't see me running 5k but that's me talking and that's who I don't trust. I have learned that there is a whole community here that's so supportive. There are loads of people who say that if they can do it anyone can and that they didn't think they could do it and reading the pride they have in their achievements is so inspirational. So the moral of this tale, for me, is to distrust that negative voice in my head and trust the programme because I have also learned that although it's very early days, I can get through it.

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Sounds like you are all set and are going to make a success of it, well done.

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Thanks Chris

Yes you can!

Well done for starting C25k. I'm now going to say the same as many others, if I can do it so can you, believe me.

Keep it slow and steady and keep believing.

Good luck and happy running!

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Thank you Wizziewood. I look forward to the time when I can use 'happy' and 'running' in the same sentence!


Well done for reaching week 2. A great summary of things to absorb.

Here's a quote from George Sheehan,

"It's very hard at the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually, you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit."

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Thanks sparkyjohn. Nice quote.

Banish the Gremlins and embrace your inner 🐌! 😀

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Thanks Oaktree2!

Very wise words. And if I can do it, anyone can!

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Thanks Languid_Lil!


Hey well done for getting this far 😀 I had my gait analysis done recently in a specialist running shop it takes about 1/2 hour as you are on a treadmill and then they find the best trainers to suit you. Mine weren’t cheap but so worth it. Keep going you’ll get there it really is surprising how much you can do with the right mind set and perseverance 😀

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Thanks Couch_pot


Wow! What an amazing inspiring post! Thank you! Also for reminder to distrust the negative voice in my head, which apply not only to running :)

Park run as a graduation run seems like a good goal to aim for. I may consider doing the same.

Looking forward for your next posts!


Thank you IgaT!


Sounds like you have already nailed this. Just need to finish the program. Welcome.

On the Parkrun as a graduation, I think it's an excellent idea, but don't try to keep up, and after 30 minutes, unless you feel real good, slow right down.

Many of us didn't make it to 5Km in 30 minutes (my excuse is that I'm 68 and was 86 kilos). The important thing is the 30 minutes, the 5Km can wait until your body catches up.👏👣❤

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That's good advice. I kind of thought 5k was the whole point and that's what everyone did. I'm still going to try as I'm only 64. We'll see...

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Yea, well at 64 you'll have no problem! Youngsters!


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