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All in one confusion

I have so much going on right now, sometimes, i dont know if i am going or coming. I have my own health needs, as well as my children's. There are things I would like to do, but just feel so drained with everything. I don' receive much support, infact no support from professionals who are meant to help me. I will perhaps see them probably every other 2 months or so. Which i believe should not be the case, they see me just get on with life, and when i do try to reach out to them, it seem like not priority at all. I just literally feel fed up sometimes, on where to start and getting myself back on track again.

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Hello, whilst we'd love to hope that running could help you, this perhaps not the forum you meant to post on.

If it is, then welcome and we will all support you as far as we are able to make a big and very positive change in your life.

Just let us know how you get on.

Very best wishes.


I apologise, this was the wrong forum. Lol, wasn't thinking. just posted anywhere.


I truly hope you find the support you need. Have some hugs to be going on with {{{{{ }}}}}

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Hello Francis. I am sorry you are not getting the help you need. Is there a practice nurse or a social worker you can speak with about it perhaps? Your GP should also be able to make appropriate referrals if you can discuss things with him/her.

I think you may have posted on the wrong forum as this is a runners forum. Here is a link to a wide range of other forums one of which might better suit your needs. Kindest regards



lol, oh dear, this is what happens when i am feeling so stressed and needing someone to talk to, not thinking straight is what has happened here. i do apologies. However, Thank you for your advice.

Much appreciated.


I do apologise, Sorry didn't realise, wasn't thinking straight i guess and just posted in anything. Thank you.


Not a problem at all Melissa, come join us on the programme maybe? Take a look here if you are interested.




Hiya, it sounds as though life has delivered you a tough time right now. And you're not getting much help. I want you to know that, to me (a non-health care professional) you're sounding depressed. That's not something that you can 'pull yourself out of', or 'just get over it' but something that needs clinical diagnosis and some professional support.

However, take a read through the posts on this running forum. You'll find plenty of folks in a similar position. Most have found that running three times per week, following the NHS C25K has given great benefits. First of all, the headspace in your life (that 30 minutes running, three times per week will give you) helps you think about your life. Then the feeling of achievement that comes from meeting the weekly running goals (or, more probably, overcoming some of the inevitable setbacks) will boost your morale. And finally, the sense of comradeship, encouragement and support that you'll find on this site will give you a sounding-board, a non-judgemental group of friends and a positive outlook.

Please don't misunderstand me: running is not a cure for depression. But tackling C25K with all of us cheering you along your way is going to make some small improvement on your outlook. And the toning, muscle-development and perhaps weight loss is going to get you feeling great about yourself, and a beneficial side-effect of C25K.

Come join us. You sound like the kind of person determined to change your life. One little run - C25K W1r1 - is a great thing to try.

Wishing you all the best (whatever you decide to do).


Thank you very much. This has touched home most definitely as this is what i have been experiencing over couple of years but keep trying to not admit it. However, the support i needed was not there which kinda made this feeling even worse. I would love to do running again and other activities, its just my motivation to do this however, my physical health is setting me back and yes i am so determined to put that behind me and keep trying hence why i need to reach out to others who are non judgemental which will then give me the boost to find the strength i so need again as i am strong willed but just my set backs at present has held me back.

Thank you for listening.

Kind Regrds


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I can honestly say that I have rarely known such a supportive bunch of people as those on this forum. Have a read, pull on your trainers and join us. It's a really easy start and it sounds as though you have been a runner in the past.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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