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Graduated and first parkrun all in one go - unbelievable

I really can't believe it but today I did run 27 of 27 at the local parkrun. Have never achieved anywhere near 5k during the program - struggled to get to 3.5k in the first two runs of week 9, but today, I achieved 5k in around 35 minutes without stopping or walking once.

If I'm honest I hated every minute of it - at the start i couldn't see how I was going to get round, but stuck with it and even avoided getting lapped by my husband who does it sub 18 mins. Feel a bit bad that I ditched Laura for this one after being so loyal for the other 26 runs, but can't thank her enough for getting me to this stage. In week one I was struggling to run for one minute.

So, if I can do it, so can everyone else out there, so please all stick with it.

By the way, how do you mark yourself as a graduate so it shows up against your blogs?

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Well done for graduating and that's a great 5k time, you must be thrilled! Not sure how you get your badge now - I think it's changed since I got mine but I think you send a message to admin.


Well done. I completed my first park run today and felt exactly the same, but I will be back for more next week.


Brilliantly done - not at all easy keeping going for that long when you're not enjoying it. So kudos to you!

I think you need to click on Messages and then Admin and send them a message. Though clicking on Help might work too. (When did Help reappear? I vanished a while ago!) It can be surprisingly satisfying getting that little green box next to your name. :)


Many congratulations upon graduating ... And in such flamboyant style and speed! Nothing like going public for your finishing run! Bravo!!

Hope that now the running bug has bitten you will continue? Lots of good wishes for whatever you do next. Cheers, Linda :)


Well done and that's a great time for your first 5km.

I used the help button and then sent a message to get my graduate badge.


Congratulations on graduating and completing your first parkrun. Well done.

Viki :-)


Well done on graduating and a great time for your first Parkrun. If you haven't already done so, register you club as "NHS Couch to 5k".


I have made my journey slightly differently, in that on my first outing (week 1 run 1) it was also my first run. Obviously the podcast finished way before the end of the park run, but just carried on after the podcast with walking and running as my body would allow me. First weeks time was 46-39, and I was amazed I wasn't the last over the line. This weeks park run was Week 1 run 3) as missed one mid week run and beat my time last week by 124secs. I can't attend the park run every week, but will be there as often as I can. I thought this way I can log my progress. I never thought of putting NHS C25K as my club, what a good idea :) Good luck to everyone, whatever stage you are at.


Congratulations on achieving your graduation on a park run. I hope I can do as well as that when the time comes.

Also thanks to those who have suggested putting NHS C25K as a club - I guess it is when you consider that we are all 'members' of this club! Something to aim for then.

Good luck with your future runs.


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