Im new here .. hello all :)

hi all im new here so would like to introduce myself , i am using a c25k but am not able to download the one that is recommended on here so will stick with what i have it follows that same interval training .. will that alienate me at all as im just here for support :D

im a 46 yr old female very overweight im 16 stone and have issues with my health after a hysterectomy in 2015 , because of this i am running on a treadmill until i feel that going out is the right thing to do , i feel at the minute i would rather be indoors incase anything happened , i have to wear 2 lots of pants / shorts to provide a support for my stomach area otherwise running / activity is very painful

i have just done W2D2 and am feeling very positive but i dont really have a network of support here so im all yours , reading all the stories on here makes me very keen to get at it and i look forward to taking each run as it comes ,

i woke this morning with a sore throat but instead of saying i wasnt going to run i did it and tbh i feel better for it ... although i honestly cannot see far enough in the future to imagine me running for 30 mins

well thats enough for now , x have a lovely day


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  • Hey good for you for doing this as it's not easy. I'm 47 and over weight and prior to starting c25k was very inactive, but I graduated last month and continue going out 3x a week running between 5-6k each time. When I started I never believed I would be where I now. Stick to it, pull up your big girl pants and you will do it xxx

  • extra large big girl pants lol xx thanks

  • πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Well done you. Don't think about the end result, slow slow slow is the way forward and take each run as it comes. In a few weeks time you'll look back and feel proud. I look at this forum every day and it's helped me enormously.

  • thanks im hoping the forum helps keep me going xx

  • It's so easy to look at the last runs and feel overwhelmed. Focus on todays run and you'll be ready for the next. I also run on a treadmill, I'm overweight and don't have an outfit that I think is respectable for outdoors. Whatever works for you, you're doing it and that's great.

    Well done for making the start, listen to your body, take the rest days and keep slow and steady. Very best of luck to you!

  • thanks for that was thinking i was naughty using a treadmill :) x

  • Oh my goodness no ! The treadmill is a perfectly acceptable way to learn to run. You do what you feel most comfortable with as long as you ARE doing something. Good luck !

  • Well this is the place to come for support! Well done for starting the programme and I promise you, we have all had those thoughts about running for 30 minutes! Stick with the programme, take it slow and you will get there. Also, don't worry if you need to repeat a run or miss one if you feel unwell or if you think your body is telling you it needs an extra rest day! Just a thought - have you checked with your gpthat it is ok to run, if you are having pain on running? Always a good idea to get a medical opinion if you have a pre-existing health condition. Good luck.πŸ™‚

  • well im 18 months on from my op but i put on so much weight i dont want to wait , im having scans done to see if there are any adhesions etc but if i can do it with my double pants security than i will do :D ( whilst im in the right mindset) im pretty sure they would just tell me to listen t my body anyway which im doing ( hence the home runs ) xx

  • I did the US Zen Labs version of the programme so please don't worry about fitting right in with us here :)

    Best advice I think I can give any new Runner is to read the beginner posts of now-graduates. :) You will find we ALL shared the same ups, downs and sideways as we progressed so anytime you think "I can't do this" you will know it's just the Gremlins trying to fool you :)

    Just take it slow and steady and we will see you at the Graduate​ table down the road :)

  • Welcome to the forum. Well done so far and keep at it ! Before you know W9 will be here. In the mean time take it nice and slow and just enjoy it all. If you want to go out go if not just do what you need to do. However I have to say going out is such a great feeling.

    Anyway you've got this far and that's the main thing. Good luck and any questions any time just give us a post! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • Hi secksy34, nice to meet you! I'm new here too- everyone is so friendly and encouraging!

  • Welcome secksy34! Good on you for getting going. I run on the treadmill as I'm living in Bangkok and it is very hot, very humid, the pavements are treacherous and it's exceedingly busy!! One day I may venture to the park...It takes whatever it takes and anything is better than the couch!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • Well done on doing it even though you didn't feel like it - you are doing just fine. Indoors or outdoors its all moving! I found it better not to think about the future runs too much - take it week by week and trust the programme. See you at Great Notley in around 7 weeks time. :0)

  • I may hold you to that 😁!!

  • Hello and welcome, I think you have come to the right place for support here, we do that in bundles. Take it easy and protect those stomach muscles as they adjust, if they need some more time on a specific week take it, it is not a race. I'm on the bench after stomach surgery myself i so can really understand how it can affect your muscles. Looking forward to reading about your journey.

  • Well done!

    I'm currently on week 6 run 3, enjoying it but a little apprehensive about tomorrow's run. Im sure it will be fine, and sure you will do great, just don't rush.

    You can get the c25k podcasts, this is the original one as no longer available in apps unless you want a celebrity voiceover. I'm sticking with Laura, she motivates me.

    Keep us updated with you progress, you can do it xx

  • ill have a look for the podcasts as i only found the celeb ones x

  • I started c25k last week with my local YMCA and am struggling, but carrying on. Did week 2 day 2 yesterday and although I still didn't jog for 90 seconds every time, I nearly did and I was better than week 2 day 1. I'm 54 and a couple of stones overweight, going to Slimming World! My weight gain is connected to hysterical-ectomy too, so I understand how you feel. If you can find a class, try some pilates too as it will really help your stomach muscles. It will be good to keep in touch and see how we get on. You can do it x

  • well done JooDS xx we can be virtual running buddies as we are at the same place if you like xx :D im sure your doing fab x

  • What I love about this forum is whatever we are feeling, proud or silly, someone is feeling the same, and best of all someone has been there & got passed it!

    Well done for starting secksy34!

    I am older& heavier than you, never ever run, but today completed W5R2, and can't believe I am enjoying it! I have done each week for at least 2 weeks, but that's ok, we take it at our own pace!

    So keep going, take it slowly and enjoy your achievement, because that is what it is!

  • Well done on doing the C25k. As the saying goes "been there, done that and got the t-shirt". I felt the same when starting, I was overweight (losing it slowly now), couldn't manage to run the full time but noticed that as the weeks went on I could see improvements and running for the time specified. I didn't worry about repeating a few weeks until I was ready to go onto the next week. Now I go outside (I used a treadmill as well). Keep going you can do it and the support on this forum is brilliant.

  • well done, we are the same age :) This programme is amazing and will change your life. We are all here to support each other and will support you on this journey too :)

  • Welcome secksy34! You are definitely in the right place, I hit a bad spot last week on week 7 and got so much support from here it was brilliant! I remember first starting out and wondering how on earth I was going to run for one minute and now I'm running for 25 minutes! You can do it too, trust in the process, something happens along the way and you just do it!

    Good luck!

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