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W9r2 finally done

Was supposed to run it on Saturday. Trying to stick to a schedule for my runs. Unfortunately we had a night out so I didn't fancy going on a night out with my legs aching so I put it off until Sunday.

Queue Sunday and I've got a killer hangover. Really didn't fancy running with a banging head not to mention the dehydration involved.

Eventually Monday rolled round and as I had a day off I went down to the park mid afternoon and managed my run. 5.1km in 30 minutes.

That's my 5th 30 minute run. 1 more run in week 9 to go and I can claim my badge. No pressure for the final run then lol.

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Hope your Saturday night was worth it! Yes dehydrated, hangover runs are not good!

Congratulations on your C25k.

Enjoy your final 30min run.

Sounds like an excuse to celebrate!

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Euan that's astonishing stuff. I am in awe of your time. Graduation is a run away and let's be frank it isn't going to be a problem for you at all - unless you run the last one with a hangover?🙀

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