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W9R2 - Done :)

W9R2 - Done :)

Throughout this whole program I've always found the 2nd run of each week the hardest but that wasn't the case last night, it actually went really well :)

The big difference was that my calves barely hurt, it was just the last few minutes when they started to feel tight. Normally, they're aching like crazy all the way through!! I felt so much more comfortable running, my breathing was more controlled and I was picking up the pace every now and again because my legs were actually letting me just can't believe I'm running for 30 minutes....

Just wonderful! :D

Graduation run (tomorrow) here I come ;)

Good luck other week 9ers - we can & will do it!! :D

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Isn't it great when it all comes together. I'm on week 8 so a few more to do yet. Your finish line is in site..... Good luck on your next run.


It really is! :) Couldn't run for 60 seconds and now we can do sooooo much more! :)

Your finish line's in sight too!! Woo!! Keep it up - you're nearly there! :D


Thanks Wk8 Run 2 went great this morning, loved it.


Glad to hear it went well! :) just 4 runs left eh ;)


Well done that is brillliant - I had a bad W9R1 but will do it again. I am so glad you are more comfortable. I really hope this is the week I get my breathing sorted. I would also like to not come home looking like a tomato!!

Good luck for last run of W9 and I hope I will be there soon x


Thanks klw :) we all have bad runs don't we, chin up and onto race 2 I say! :)

Your breathing will get better, mines still not perfect and I'm still out of puff most the time but I found it was much more relaxed this time round :)

I'd like to look less like a tomato too but I can't see that happening for a while lol :)

Keep it up, you've done amazing! That badge is nearly yours ;)


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