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W9R2 - done! "Blue Two" Cycle Continues!


Hi All,

The final week, the last 'run 2' and it's done :) Graduation run next and I'm so looking forward to it, and all the runs thereafter :)

My canal path was still too treacherous for running, so I was on for a road run again today. With bland, mild weather presenting no challenges and a track record of one 30 minute run and one (rebellious) 33 minute run behind me, today's run should have been straightforward, no troubles, just Laura and me... another run closer to badge day, sweating it out, singing along, pounding the pavement.

But Blue Two struck AGAIN! This run was a slog! My first 10 minutes didn't feel comfy, I needed to concentrate, hard, to find my rhythm and pace. The second 10 minutes were a little better, I flooded my mind with positive vibes and seemed to pick up, but goodness me, the last 10 minutes of this run were unpleasant, to say the least.

I developed a sharp pain right under my right rib, likely just a stitch, but didn't feel like 'just a stitch', it didn't go away despite my slowing right down and breathing deeply. I've not suffered with stitch that I can recall since the very early weeks, and even then, extremely minor and barely there - not like this one. I'm not generally a wimpy character, think my pain threshold is pretty high (benchmarked against giving birth to my son in the front passenger seat of the car, with no pain relief!), but this really was incredibly ouchy! The last few minutes of the run I must've looked a sight - baring my teeth, eyes brimming and clutching my rib as I very, very slowly completed my 30 minutes. Really thought I wasn't going to make the time today. The pesky pain remained through my cool down walk and back at home - took some time to ease.

It was a busy morning at work, I probably wasn't well hydrated and had skipped breakfast. I ran at lunchtime and didn't eat lunch before, so had no fuel in the belly. I read a book til very late last night and then didn't sleep well. These are all silly, basic things that very probably contributed to my poor run today - and my mother of all stitches! Take care of yourselves folks, sleep well, eat well, drink well... I'm sure these simple basics make a huge difference and I will be sure to be more sensible for Sunday's run.

Some runs rock... And some do not!

Onwards and upwards - determined and optimistic that badge run is going to be fantastic!


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Oh, it will be fantastic! And you'll be fantastic for completing the programme! Can't wait to see that little badge against your name! Who would have thought it when we whooped and crowed after running 20 mins way back in week 5!



(That is my cross mum voice)

You know better than this. I am sure all the reasons you stated, contributed to the run you describe... thankfully it was 'only' stitch! But.. you make sure you feel okay before Sunday.

Haven't had to get cross with you, since way back in Week 5. :)

Okay... grumble over... it sounds horrid what happened to you, whatever the reason.

trouble is, the description of you in the car giving birth to your son, made me smile..is that awful...?

No, not really... because the weird thing is, my Mum gave birth to me in a taxi, in the middle of the City Centre...with the taxi driver yelling at her..." Don't have it in here missus..don't have it in here!"

You must have a really high pain threshold, so big hug for the pain today! :)

Well done anyway!

Now, you take care and be sensible..any doubts about the pain.. rest an extra day maybe..otherwise... da da dah!!!! Sunday will be it.

I simply cannot wait..

Go you! You have done amazingly....those waddle- bottomed ducks will all be out there, lining the route and going quackers!!!!!

Running-scaredGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Sorry Floss 🙊 You're right. Cross voice is a bit scary ;) Was a stitch, definitely, all good now, have been poking self in the rib at regular intervals and no pain... Me thinks my high pain threshold has perhaps worn off a tad and I am indeed a woos. :)

Ha! That's really funny you wouldn't wait to be born either! And a taxi is hilarious, poor driver! Luckily this was hubby's company car and he was unbelievably calm, delivered our boy himself before the ambulance arrived. Not very dignified in vehicles, but clearly happens to the best of us ;) Actually, despite the public viewing, I preferred it to the first time round in a boring old hospital ;)

Bit worried my waddley pals might be missing their every other day entertainment actually. It's been raining like crazy all afternoon and evening, that path is going to be still too slippy come Sunday I think, unless there's a miraculous scorcher tomorrow to dry everything out!

Have a lovely weekend Floss, any runs planned? (I may have missed one, if I did I'm sorry. There's been stacks of posts on here lately, struggling to keep on top of encouraging the newbies, middleys, nearly grads and keep cheering in the post-grads this week! X


Eeee! I'm so excited for you! This is the final run 2 you ever have to do, which is super exciting all in itself. That stitch sounds really uncomfortable - I don't know how you managed to keep on going through that, but you did! So well done for that. It's also good to remind ourselves that our bodies need fuelling and that things like sleep can effect our runs - I'll pay more mind to my own body in the future! Anyway, good luck for the final run of the plan, you've come really far :)


You are so nearly there! I agree, all those things can contribute to a bad run and we certainly all get them! Here's hoping your graduation run is kinder to you - I suspect it will be! Good luck☺

Btw - much respect for that untimely labour! Ouch😮!


I missed your first W9 post the other day. Sorry! It's getting hard to keep up on here.

You never have to run another run 2 ever! Getting a stitch is rubbish but probably is to do with lack of fuel and hydration. Naughty!

Only one run to go. Amazing how the time has flown by over these last 8/9 weeks with all our ups and downs. Can't wait to see your shiny badge on Sunday and what a lovely day to achieve it 💕

Oh poor you that sounds horrible. :(

Top form then for your graduation run..

So you can finish in style. :)

You seem to have a handle on it Nat. x


Well done ! Yep, sometimes we have tough ones and we've just got to dig deep , and you did that and passed with flying colours -Woo Hoo !

Graduation day is soooo close now ! Good Luck ! :-) xxx


You kept going.... well done you. So tomorrow must be the day! Woop, Woop, Cant wait to see your graduation badge!

Run Running-scared Run!

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