rain, technical glitches (****** strava), just feeling generally annoyed with life (best time for a run), oh yes and more rain...

I messed up the timing on the podcast because of trying to get strava to work so I took someone else's advice and ran through the warm up, having already done the warm up+. Running on the spot to open a gate I wrenched my ankle by slipping off the teeny tiny kerb I was standing on, more choice swearwords and I decided to walk on it for a bit to see how it felt, then I thought I'd run a few steps to see how it felt and it felt ok so I carried on - on the strict proviso that if it started hurting I would stop running. But it didn't so I carried on; I ran until the five minute warning which I took as my 30 mins and then a bit longer to make up for the previous hobbling. I think I can count this as a pass.

My message isn't so much 'if I can run for 30 mins anyone can' but 'if I can keep going in the face of annoyances anyone can', 9 weeks ago I'd have thrown a silent strop and limped home annoyed. Ankle is a bit achey but nothing dramatic (and I have a tube of arnica waiting) and I shall see how it goes between now and Friday - it should be my graduation run and I'd like to do it but will be sensible!


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  • Aaahhhh! I guess it can't be perfect all of the time! Well done for persevering, you're so nearly there. Good on you!

  • Thank you. It was my first annoying run: I was lucky to get to week 9 without one!

  • Good effort if you managed 75% of the run move on sounds like you managed a bit more just lay off the high heels for a bit and i am sure you will be fine good luck with friday

  • It was 96.7% (I checked...). High heels are for high days and holidays, these days I'm never happier than in jeans and boots!

  • It's ironic really that the gadgets we get to improve our running end up being the very things that hamper us! Keep an eye on your ankle, and I'll be looking out for your graduation cap flying in the air after your next run :)

  • Thanks - definitely keeping an eye on the ankle :)

  • Sounds like the programme is building resilience at all levels for you. Great stuff and all the best for that Grad run and everything crossed for the ankle!

  • Thank you very much! Lots of icing going on. I'll see how it goes for Friday, otherwise I will be very sensible and wait a few days. No, really, I will.

  • That's one of the many wonderful things about this programme, it certainly builds stamina and resilience !

    It transforms you into a total Bad-ass ! :-)

    Well done for today ! xxx

  • It's a completely different interpretation of bad-ass from my younger days and one I prefer! They say 'when the student is ready the teacher appears' but I never thought it would be running and in my 50's... still better late than never :-D xx

  • Well done for pushing on through. Sounds like you were sensible in knowing that you'd stop if it hurt. Looking forward to your next post!! :)

  • So am I - it'll be the graduation run!! Just been for a light walk with my fitness buddy (it's amazing what measuring your waist will do for you!) and it's a bit achey but generally ok. Easy day tomorrow and I should be good for Friday (and only two weeks behind!). How's the couch?

  • Bleugh, I'm keeping myself busy but every time I see a runner I feel sad :( Ankle is slowly getting better and not limping when I walk now so on the mend! The hard thing will be making sure I stay on the couch until I'm ready rather than pushing it too soon. Thanks for asking :)

  • No probs. That is the hard thing isn't it? But better safe than even sorrier - you'll be back out there!

  • Fingers crossed for you for a full recovery and in the meantime don't smoke too much of that Arnica stuff ;)

  • Damn, I thought I was meant to be rubbing it in. Thanks, I think I'll be ok for Friday but will be very careful tomorrow.

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