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Another week done and all is good . Getting there now . Entered a 10k run in October hopefully I'm not being over optimistic

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When I completed a few 5K's someone told me "if you can do 5 you can do 10". I believed them and went for it, and I did.

Having said that, I've done many 10K's now including organised races but I have to say they don't come easy and if I don't watch my pace for the first 5 I won't make the full 10 without a little walk (which I hate).

My best advice, take it slower than you think you need to and you'll be fine.

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to DeanP

I will put this link up as a rejoinder to your premise and hope anyone reading your response will read it. healthunlocked.com/couchto5....

DeanP in reply to IannodaTruffe

How true.... I just posted this.


I'm also a fool


If you are realistic with yourself about possibly not running the entire race, you will be fine. To get up to 10k by October leaves you with precious little time to consolidate at 5k for a few weeks after graduation, as we normally recommend.

Dave55Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

The run is all off road around Tatton Park so should be low impact . Also I don't mind walking at all . I want the social side of running as an incentive to carry on

Jancanrun in reply to Dave55

Tattoo Park what a glorious place to do the run, so even if you had to walk, with the views there's no hardship to be had. Do they still have the old cars and stuff in the museum bit there?

Dave55Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Yes they do . I don't mind mixing walking and running if needed. Just want to enjoy the social event

Jancanrun in reply to Dave55

Thats the right attitude I think, no pressure and you'll enjoy it loads.

Definitely take it very steady for first 5k. I recently completed a 10k but made hard work of it by going out too fast. Good luck with it.


Hi Dave. Congratulations on 7/3. You are 6 runs away from glory - the graduation! However I would advise caution on doing a 10K before you've nailed 5K as a regular distance. Your body has to get its muscle memory working - in that it is to get used to you running 5K at least three times per week. 10K is a big leap in my humble opinion. It took me a year to take on 10K after graduation - but then I'm a cautious dude!!

Of course there are those who leap straight into the unknown and hope for the best. And if you do, Godspeed to you!!

I would agree that 10k by end of October is pushing the envelope a bit, but, if you have not had any problems with C25k thus far and are in general good shape, not entirely unrealistic or risky. Just remember you can run/walk as and when you need. I think I have probably walked bits of most races I have been in, and generally had better times for it.

Good luck


Wow! You're brave - I've had people suggest to me to go for 10k next year - that fills me with dread! I'll have to think hard about it.

Good luck, you're sure to do well, I'm positive you're in better shape than me! 😀


Must add that it's in November not October as I originally said

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