W7R3 = first parkrun

Well I did it! I was a bit nervous turning up at the start, but I took heart from all the posts I've seen here saying that there are always plenty of walkers and the back-walker to make sure you're not last. I stuck to the programme doing 25 mins running (or just a minute or two more) then walked for about 10 mins, then felt OK to run to the end. It wasn't a great feeling when everyone (about 180 at ours) raced off at the start leaving me right at the back, but it wasn't long before I was picking off a few walkers who had gone off too fast. The really lovely thing was that lots of the strong runners called out 'great work, keep going' type things as they lapped me. That and all the lovely support from the marshals made it really enjoyable. I'll definitely be back!

So now I have a target. 42m 3s including about 10 mins of walking. I'm quite pleased with that as a starting point and am looking forward to knocking minutes off!

Onwards to week 8...


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14 Replies

  • Brilliant! And well done sticking to slow and steady and not getting caught up in the initial rush. You'll soon be getting more pb's and in a sustainable and injury free way 😊

  • This is what seems to be the great thing about ParkRuns a truly inclusive event, regardless of age or ability. I can't wait to try one when back in UK. Your first one sounded lovely and a great way to knock off a W7 run too.

    @RebeccaSK (still can't tag her) posted a lovely post during the week about ParkRuns and your experience really confirms what was said in the article. And that seems a blooming good time too...

    Happy running.

  • Thanks - yes I saw RebeccaSK's post and it was part of my incentive to try it (I can't tag either...).

  • LOL! I had my first negative Parkrun experience today which was nothing to do with the actual run or the volunteers. Different parkrun with sections where the path is very narrow. I was just plodding along at my normal snail's pace and there was this group of four women who would run fast for a couple of minutes and then walk. They would overtake me then walk and I'd have to overtake them, then they'd overtake me etc etc. They walked four abreast which was a pain but there was one bit where I just couldn't get past them so had to bark "excuse me". Hugely infuriating.

  • Four abreast, that's a mobile traffic jam! Really frustrating...

  • Sounds like you had a great time, and a great run. Good for you for sticking to the plan and doing some walking😊..it didn't seem to make you that slow. Now you have a pb😊😉...running is so addictive...

  • Good for you! I have been thinking about this as my brother and daughter do them but building courage. Today went for run with my husband and managed just under 7k but slowly very slowly.... still maybe next time I will go with them to a park run.

  • Well done that is amazing , you are doing brilliantly - I dare not enter a park run but it would be interesting to have a time to go on xx

  • Really interested in your experience, might try it myself in a few weeks (I've only just finished Week 4). It must be good to have a time to aim at now (is that just my competitive streak?!). Keep it up!

  • You did well, and mor importantly, you stayed safe and injury free... quite a few posts currently about speedy runs too soon... You are doing just fine... very well done!

    You are doing brilliantly and you will get to the podium and the Park run time of your dreams very soon!!!

  • Great stuff!!! Right...I am buying a printer this week & doing the park run on Saturday....see what you've done unlikelyrunner!!!!! I can tell you're glowing through you post!!! 😊😊

  • Yay Mummycav! Do it, do it!

  • Well done. It's a great feeling isn't it? Will you be back next week?

  • Not next week cos we're away, but the Saturday after that should be my graduation run and I'll be there!

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