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W7R3 - But no Laura!

I took the wrong headphones with me (actually a broken pair that wouldn't have worked with anything), so wasn't able to use the podcast for this one. I wondered whether I'd make it without the music, as the music definitely helps me a lot, but what could I do?

I just ran more or less the distance I've been running for this 25 minute run, and took things a bit easy, just in case my niggles are injuries waiting to happen. (And as Murphy would've predicted, the numb toes have full sensation tonight, don't they? - Just because I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.)

It turns out that I've found a "zone out point" which arrives with or without music to protect me from the desperate rasping of my breathing. It also turns out that somewhere in the middle, things begin to flow nicely. I even had a little sprint at the end, although anyone doing Week 1 or who remembers Week 1 will know that it's not possible to bust yourself for 60 seconds if you don't have Laura there waiting to tell you you can stop. I would guess my token "end on a high" lasted for a 30 second approximation to 60 seconds.

Yes, and that's it, really. You can run without music, it would seem, once you've followed this programme for long enough.

Oh, I suppose it's dumb to mention that the headphones I took are green, whereas the proper ones are black. Mr Observant ...

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Well done.

Did you like running without music/podcast?


Hmm ... Like? I don't know if I'd go that far. Not Yet, anyway. It's nice to properly hear your footfalls, not so nice to properly hear how heavily you're breathing. Also I probably spent a few too many thoughts on occasionally worrying whether without my crutch, I would fall over and have to just limp home.

I think once I've ticked off that Graduation box, I'll give it a go occasionally, though. And then I think I might actually get to like it.


I must be really sad but I'm going to admit it any way.........


Gosh what a relief to get that off my chest.

The early weeks are repetitive but hey ho. I can't imagine running without the assistance the podcasts offer. Well done you (for running anyway, not for using broken headphones - that's like one handed clapping).

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It was very brave of you to admit that. :-)

Actually it's fine as far as running music goes. There's nothing positively unpleasant in the c25k mix. Anyway, the stuff I'm listening to these days wouldn't do for running, because the rhythms are strange and they keep changing (70's prog rock - I must be getting old).

I do have some "running mp3's" lined up, so I can try to run to a new tune one day, but for that I chose modern club music, certified to be 180 bpm (which is apparently very close to the target cadence someone has calculated we should be aiming for). If I get caught with it on my phone, I'll pretend it's someone else's. My brother LOVEs that stuff! He was born about 100 years too soon.

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Well done. One of my "carrots" to graduate was being able to play my own music. I did miss Laura but not the music!


I'm not actually in a huge hurry to leave the music behind me. Just in case you missed my other post, I've grown to like prog rock, which doesn't have a very good running beat, generally. So when I do listen to my own music, I'll be busy acquiring a taste I don't yet have for Goa Trance, and stuff like that. I suppose putting it that way I ought to be looking forward to it. Something new.

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Oh .. I've just seen that that was also on this thread, so of course you would have seen it. I just need to mention that in case my reply to you sounds odd. If I was into "runnable music" I would definitely have wanted to move to my own stuff. (But if I did, now, I'd injure myself really badly :D )

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