Cheap sports bra?

I'm an *ahem* 'larger lady' and my trusty and rather ancient sports bra recently collapsed under the strain. I didn't have the chance to get to a sports shop so whilst doing the shopping in Asda I had a quick look in their sports section, there was a high-impact, front-zip, racer-back sports bra for £6. My immediate thought was that it'd be rubbish but I picked one up anyway.

I tried it out today and it was great - really supportive, very comfortable, no riding up at the back or digging in on the shoulders and very little bouncing ;)

Unless it falls apart in the wash it's a bit of a bargain!


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18 Replies

  • thanks will pop in and take a look - I find the ones with the hooks at the back far too fiddley ..............

  • I thought i'd try out primark.. Can't say its very supportive at all. I have a LA Gear one which has a drawstring thing at the front for extra fitting.. I think that makes a good difference!

  • My best one is Lidl! It's a proper runners one though. I can't wait for their next running gear sale

    I have some M & S ones and they are really good but way dearer than good old Lidl.

  • My old one was M&S and it was a bit pricey but lasted ages, my mum always says you can't beat M&S for knickers and bra's!

  • My mum said the same. Anecdote: One day my sister fell out of the apple tree we were climbing (yup, we're real girls in my family) and was saved by her M& S knickers that kept her hanging on the branch. She wrote to M&S to tell them that M&S knickers never let a girl down - and we got an invite to M&S, tea-time with the manager and a pile of undies and chocolate each. M&S knickers really are the best.

  • I don't have the generous proportions you mention, so my age-old sports bra is more for decoration. Doubled up with a tight running top, the little I've got is strapped tighter to my chest than an Egyptian mummy. (Avoids silly word play about Nefertiti. Oops, too late). Anyone got any good options for the lower floor? Seems to me that granny pants are the best under leggings...

  • I watch with envy as my friends skip around in lightweight sports tops, I need heavy duty strapping and have been known to wear two sports bra's at once... wrapping them up like a mummy sounds like a good idea though ;)

    After a ridiculous run in week 3 when I spent every recovery walk adjusting my wayward underwear I go with granny pants every time!

  • I pinched a pair of hubby's underpants (those lycra boxer short thingummy-gigs) this week to test-drive them - amazingly comfy, but was worried what would happen if I got run over by a bus.

  • Sadly I agree with you - firm control big knickers. Mine have been M&S cotton rich but I recently got a pair of M&Co and allegedly not so firm but they do the trick - and yay, a smaller size fits me.

    However these big knickers are motivating. If it is a run day, I put my kit on when I get dressed (I am energy-impaired so I usually have to go back to bed for a bit after getting dressed so I don't risk getting changed to run!) So if the run doesn't happen, I have to put it on again the next day and the next and sometimes I think "I really can't face another big knicker day" and get out there and get it over with (and of course I enjoy it)

  • Big knicker days are for big girls. Autocorrect wanted to change "knickers" to "knockers". It's got the feel of this thread!

  • Granny pants rock! Or no pants at all then no worry about VPL

    I have some lovely lace insert knicks from Debenhams. Not at all fuddy duddy but great under my running tights. My Lidl running pants look better without anything spoiling the line, if you get me drift

  • Couldn't run without my kecks on. Lacy undies for running? Classy bird :-)

  • Front zip sports bra = mental image of self as Bond girl (I have an excellent imagination) I love them too (I have, erm, quite a few sports bras)

  • Excellent! cheap bra has got even better now I can be a Bond Girl :D

  • You lucky thing, I've always wanted big tits!!!

  • ROFL 😁

  • makes it harder to run when you can't see your feet though ;)

  • I've got a couple of Asda sports bras - they're pretty good. I've got a couple of Sainsbury ones as well. They're also good but the catches at the back can be a bit of a pain when you've staggered in from a run and are dying for a shower! I've tried M&S and Primark as well - this is what happens when you loose weight you have to keep having to buy new stuff as you get smaller!! M&S are good but quite pricey. Primark are OK but they don't last which is fine if you aren't going to need them for long because your boobs keep getting smaller but no good for the long haul!

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